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Goan Pomfret Rechado

Ingredients :
4 med.size fresh Whole Pomfrets
½ tsp. Turmeric pwd.
Juice of 2 Limes
Goan Rechado Masala paste
1 cup dry Wheat Flour
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

Method :
Select fresh Pomfrets & get it cleaned from the fishmonger.
Slit the fish on either side so as to get deep pockets.
You may do this or get it done from the fishmonger.
Wash the fish well & drain completely.
Apply turmeric, a little salt & lime juice to the entire fish & keep aside for about 10 mins. Drain out excess liquid.
Fill the pockets of each pomfret with the Goan Rechado Masala paste (Refer to the post on Goan Stir Fry Prawns) making sure the masala paste does not spill out.
Place the wheat flour on a plate & roll each stuffed whole pomfret in the dry flour.
Dust off excess flour.
Heat sufficient oil in a large fry pan till hot.
Reduce heat & gently slide in the pomfret.
Fry on med. heat on each side for about 3 mins.
Flip gently to fry on the other side.
Fry till the fish is cooked through & the fish is golden & crisp. (Take care not to burn)
Lift the fish with the help of spatulas (you may need two spatulas).
Drain the oil completely by turning the fish on the side away from the pockets.
Transfer to a plate.
Serve as a starter