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Goan Fish Curry

Goan Fish Curry Masala Ingredients:

<p>6 Kashmiri Chillies<br />
1/2 Scraped Coconut<br />
A Small Piece of Ginger<br />
3 Flakes Garlic<br />
5 - 6 Pepper Corns<br />
1 Tea spoon Corriander seeds<br />
A Pinch of Methi Seeds<br />
Small ball of Tamarind if a raw Mango is used<br />
1/2 Tea spoon Haldi Powder<br />
1/2 Tea spoon Jeera<br />
1 Green Chilly<br />


Goan Fish Curry Main Ingredients:

1 Decent Sized Pomfret (You can also add Kingfish or Halwa)
1 Raw Mango

Slice, clean and salt the fish and keep the fish aside.



Grind the masala ingredients mentioned above, in a mixer with a little water.

Add it in your cooking dish and add some more water, now there are two optional things depending on how rich and heavy you want your Xitt codi. The first one is you can bagaar some chopped onions before you add the masala to it.

Instead of adding water you can add coconut milk to make it rich, but we made this fish curry by adding water, to make it thick enough as per choice. You can then add some salt and slit the green chilly, remove seeds as per spice requirement.

Once the entire mixture reaches a boil you can add the fish to the curry

Along with the fish add the cut pieces of raw mango, to give it that nice tangy flavor that it has.

Cook till the fish becomes edible, this is a relatively easy dish to cook.