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Valentines Day is one occasion when you want to look your splendid best. And if you want to catch his attention this Valentines, here are a few tips to nail your look on the festival of love.
Your grooming skills are directly proportional to your grooming skills. And, to only way to impress a woman in 2017 is to shave, trim and snip. Well not the only way, but you get the drill. No woman wants to date a furry grizzly! To help you look, smell and feel good we bring you three grooming products you need to try right now. Without breaking the bank, obviously!
You meet a girl, develop a crush on her and within no time you find yourself wooing her because you just want her in your life. You feel excited whenever she is around, you want to take her out for a date, well it’s only normal for you to think and act that way. “But somewhere in the kingdom far far away lives a prince who wants to win the heart of the same princess,” just kidding…all we want to say is sometimes you get entangled in a love triangle and what’s worse is when the other man is your best friend.
The first and foremost thing to remember about sex though is that your brain is the most powerful sexual tool at your disposal. As long as you can excite your brain with the right sexual thought, you have nothing to worry about. You will automatically turn yourself on and crave something unusual and different with your partner.
There are many things that only a girl can understand. Swipe to know more.
There are many things that men find attractive in women but it is not popularly known. This is a story that tells you exactly what are those things.
Over the last few years, travelling has become the coolest hobby one can have. To be honest, we don't know what took so long. Visiting a new city, trying new experiences or even just taking a break to soak in some sun... There is literally no good reason to not travel. here is a list of perfect Indian destinations that you could travel for next 12 months.
India is a country where government controls everything. In the process government has made laws that sound absurd. Find out only some of those laws in this article.