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Shark(Mori) Ambot Tik

Shark Ambot Tik Main Ingredients:
1/2 Kg Shark
1 Onion Sliced Fine
1 Boiled and Skinned Tomato
2 Tablespoons of oil

Shark Ambot Tik Masala Ingredients:
10 Dry Kashmiri Chillies
1/2 Teaspoon Cumin Seeds
4 Pepper corns
1/4" Turmeric
4 Flakes of Garlic
1/2" Piece Ginger
A Small marble sized ball of Tamarind


Clean and wash the fish, cut it into desired pieces, apply some salt and keep it aside.

In the meantime grind the above masala ingredients with a little water to get the ambot tik masala.

Put the two tablespoons of oil in a vessel and heat it.

Fry the onion in the oil till it turns golden brown.

You can then add the tomatos and fry then for a while, make sure that the tomato pieces are all mashed, this helps with the curry and its composition.

Add masala to the bagaar and cook it for a few minutes.

Add pieces of shark to the masala and mix them up, you can then add some water till the pieces of fish are submerged.

Cook the pieces till they are tender and this is done on a low flame.

Taste the dish and add salt if necessary, you can also add the sliced green chilly to make it spicier.

You can then spread some corriander leaves, decorate the dish as per choice and serve, the Goan Shark Ambot Tik with hot "unno(bread)"