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Prawn Pan Roll

Prawn Pan Roll Ingredients:

Stuffing Ingredients:

1 Cup Small Prawns or Kardi
1 Bunch Spring Onions
4 Garlic Flakes
1 Carrot
1 Potato
1 Capsicum
2 Green Chilies Cut Fine
3 Tables Spoons Chopped Coriander
1/2 Teaspoon Turmeric Powder
1/2 Teaspoon Pre Roasted Jeera Powder
Salt as per taste

Procedure for making Stuffing:

Clean and salt the prawns and then keep them aside.

Heat some oil in a pan, add the jeera powder and its time to sauté some of the ingredients.

First the Garlic, stir fry it.

Add the onions and chilly and keep it on for a minute or two.

Stir and add the capsicum, followed by the carrots.

Then add the potatoes and last but not the least don't forget to add the prawns :)

Fry the whole thing for a bit.

Wait till its a little brown, note at the time of doing the recipe we ran out of turmeric, you should add it at this point

Add the coriander to the prawn chilly fry

Then add some lime

Cover the pan and let it cook for a while

Stir until all the water has evaporated and the prawns are cooked

Your stuffing is ready don't forget to add salt as per your taste.

When that's ready you need to get the


Pan Roll Mixture Ingredients:

250 Grams Flour Maida
1 Egg
A little Milk (Water Optional)
Pinch of Salt
Oil and Rawa for Frying

Let's start off with adding a little salt to the refined wheat flour (Maida).

Crack open the egg, beat it and add it to the flour mixture.

Now add a little water to the mixture, remember that the liquids added to the mixture need to be added slowly.

Adding too much milk or water will ruin it and you will need to add more flour to thicken it again. So add the milk and water slowly with continuous stirring.

The aim is to ensure that it mixes well and that no lumps are present.

So press down on those lumps and stir them up until there are none.

If the mixture is really think you can always add a little more milk or water to help with the process.

Once you get a lump free mixture that flows with some viscosity you know your ready to roll :)

So first you have to fry the batter and then fill it up with the stuffing. So heat up some oil on the pan and then put a big spoon full and as you pour it onto the pan tilt the pan so you evenly spread the batter out.

Once that's done let it cook for a while and then turn it over until its slightly brown.

Once this is done you can take it off the pan and then put some more mixture to repeat the process.

While that's cooking you can add the prawn stuffing onto the top middle portion of the pan roll.

Then fold the left and right sides of the pan roll.

Roll it from the top to ensure that the mixture is in the pan roll.

We generally do not seal the pan roll edge with egg and after that you can even dip the whole pan roll in egg and roll it in rawa or breadcrums before frying.

Once you have enough of the uncooked pan rolls ready you can then begin to heat the oil to fry them.

You shallow fry them, you got to turn them onto all four sides which ends up sometimes messing up the pan rolls especially if they aren't sealed. So you can also semi deep fry them where the level of oil comes up to half the pan roll, this way you just have to turn the pan roll once and it will be cooked well all around nice and brown :)

I don't deep fry, so I fry on one side first.

Then turn it around to fry it on the other side

Then carefully turn it to the sides and risk them opening up and close them up if they do :)

Basically got to get all the four sides of the pan rolls nicely fried.

Till they become nice and brown

Your prawn pan rolls are ready to eat and of course going to be consumed much quicker than all the time you took to make them. Kids just love them!!!!