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मोबाइल फोन पार्ट आणि कॉम्पोनेंट


·         Antenna – Antenna in a mobile cell phone is used to receive and transmit radio frequency. Antenna is inbuilt in the cabinet of the mobile phone. These are called inbuilt antenna.

·         Battery The battery is the only source of power supply to a mobile phone. Three types of battery (3.6V) are used in most mobile cell phones – 1) Nickel - Cadmium (Ni-CD) 2) Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) 3) Lithium-Ion (Li- Ion).

·        Battery Charger – Several types of mobile phone charges are used recharge the battery of a mobile cell phone. These include normal mobile phone battery chargers, Travel Adaptor (TA), Cigar Lighter Adaptor (CLA) etc.

·         Switch or Key Tip – These tiny switches are used for the key pad of mobile phones.

·         Central Processing Unit (CPU) – The CPU is the control section of a mobile phone that controls all the function of the mobile phone. It does all the processing work of the phone.

·         RAM (Random Access Memory) – RAM is an erasable memory where older data and information can be erased and new data and information can be stored.

·        ROM (Read Only Memory) – A memory that can only be read. It cannot be erased. Programmable ROM (PROM) and Erasable ROM (EROM) are some other types of Rom Memory that can be erased.

·         Visual Display – This part of the mobile phone generates light to display all information. Display of a mobile cell phone can be classified as follows – 1) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), 2) VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display), 3) TFT (Thin Film Transistor Display)

·         Antenna Switch – Part of a mobile phone that that does the function of receiving, transmitting and switching of different frequencies like GSM, DCS and PCS.

·         IF IC – This IC is also called Hager IC, MJOLNER IC and RF IC. It performs the function of amplification of receiving signal, mixing and demodulation.

·        VCO (Voltage Control Oscillator) – Controls frequency.

·        Audio IC – The main function of this IC is to handle and control audio frequency and produce sound.

·        UEM IC (Universal Energy Module) – It performs several functions like power supply, charging, audio processing, ringer vibrator etc.

·         LED (Light Emitting Diode) – It is used to produce light on keyboard and display.

·        RF Crystal – This is the main and very important crystal in any mobile phone. Crystals of mainly 13 MHz, 26 MHz, 19.2 MHz or 36.4 MHz are used in cell phones. Mobile phone becomes dead if this crystal is faulty.

·         Ear Speaker – This speaker is mounted on the top side of the mobile phone. It helps to listen sound.

·         Microphone – It converts voice signal to electric signal or tone signal during transmission. This signal is then sent to the Audio IC.

·        Vibrator Motor – Provides vibration alert during incoming calls or messages in silent mode or when the option is on.

·         SIM card Socket – Holds the SIM card and acts like a SIM reader or SIM writer.

·        Memory Card – External memory storage card used to store data such as photos, videos, audio etc. SD card, Mini SD Card and Micro SD cards are used as external memory in mobile phones.

·         External Antenna Socket – External antenna can be connected with the help of accessories in this socket. This helps to increase the range of internal antenna.

·        Hands free Connector – Helps to carry on conversation on a mobile phone without holding it in hand using head phone.

·         Flash IC – This memory inside a mobile phone is used to store programs and nonvolatile data.

·         USB Connector – This connector is used to download data and for charging the mobile phone.