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Henriette Raynouard

In 1911 a French politicion called Joseph Caillaux married a socialite called Henriette Raynouard after dumping his first wife for her.Being a political figure Joseph made quite a lot of enemies and one of them was Gaston Calmette the editor of Le Figaro . In 1914 Calmette published a love letter between Joseph and his First mistress Berthe Gueydan.Henriette was outraged as she and Joseph had also exchanged love letters during their affair which could be published too.

On March 16 1914 Henriette entered Calmette’s office with a scarf hiding her hands. As she came in she asked him “You know why I have come?”.Calmette replied “Not at all, Madame.” 

That’s when she took out a Browning automatic out of her and shot Calmette six times.During the trial she played up the card that women work according to emotions.Influenced by her arguments the all male jury gave a verdict of not guilty.