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Celeste Beard And Tracey Tarlton

Steven Beard was a 69 year old millionaire who met 32 year old Celeste .She was attractive but had a history of depression and suicide attempts.They married in 1995 and things went out of control.Celeste would drug Beard’s food so she could run off to be with one of her exes .She started overspending leading him to cancel her cards.This followed with a fight and Beard putting Celeste in a hospital over a suicide attempt.Here she met Tracy Tarlton.

Soon Tarlton who was also a drug addict and Celeste became lovers .While Tracey was really in love Celeste was playing a deadly game.On 2 October 1999 Celeste left the doors unlocked and Tracey came inside.Going into Beard’s room she took aim and fired at him .The maximum he could do was call 911 and tell “My guts are in my hands.”

When Beard died Tracey was charged with murder.She refused to involve Celeste until she came to know Celeste had remarried and spent $550,000 in the two months after Beard’s death . Then Tracey disclosed how Celeste had planned all this and with kids testimonies Celeste was caught and is in jail atleast till 2043 .Tracey released in 2011 in August.