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Thomas Montogmery

Thomas Montgomery was a 47 year old man with two kids .He told none of this to Talhotblond an 18 year old he met in a chat room . Talhotblond an he soon became friends and she started sending him her erotic pictures.Soon Montogmery’s wife found out and she sent Jessi a letter telling her the truth .Jessi broke off and started going around with Montogmery’s co worker 22 year old Brian Barrett.

This angered Thomas ,he became violent and sent messages like “Brian will pay in blood.”When Montogmery learned of Barrett planning to visit Jessi he shot him on 15 September 2006. When police same to know they went to jessi’s house tow arn her.When police reached Talhotblonds home they found it was her mother Mary Shieler who was actually romancing two men at the same time . 

Police could not arrest Mary but Montogmery was sentenced to 20 years prison.However Mary’s husband and daughter abandoned her and left her all alone.