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Els Clottemans

Els Clottemans and Els Van Doren both loved the same man their skydiving instructor Marcel Somers.Somers spent Fridays with Clottemans and Saturdays with Van Doren .In November 2006 when Van Doren showed up on a Friday Somers took her to the bedroom instead of Clottemans. 

On 18 November 2006 Somers, Clottemans, and Van Doren went for a day of skydiving fun. Their plan was to jump together holding hands. Only Clottemans jumped a little later. When they were about 3300 feet from ground Van Doren tugged on her parachute but it did not open,She fell down in someones garden and died.

Detectives found the straps to Van Doren’s parachute cut and despite a strong evidence they arrested Clotteman’s. Finally in October 2010 she was found guilty and sent to 30 years behind bars.She still says she is innocent but then if not she then who.