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George Remus

George Remus was a multi talented man .In 1919 he moved to Cincinnati and using his pharmacist license he started a bootlegging enterprise.Remus was a big spender and he built himself a huge mansion with a swimming pool,stable and a baseball field.

However his eyes were on a special lady called Imogene Holmes .So much in love Remus divorced his wife and married Imogene.When Remus was arrested in 1924 he gave Imogene power of attorney on his business.He also told inmate Frank Dodge who was actually an undercover agent that Imogene had all the money.Frank came out ,hooked up with Imogene and sold everything that Remus owned.

Imogene filed for divorce and attempted to have him killed .On 6 October 1927 The day their divorce was to be finalised as Imogene left the court Remus forced her car off the road .Her car crashed and as she came out Remus stuck a gun in her stomach and fired.

During the trial Remus was his own lawyer and claimed he was temprorily insane .Surprisingly Jury took his argument and declared him not guilty. However he was sent to a mental asylum for 6 months .When he came out he tried to regain his fortune but died a poor man in 1952.