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Evelyn Nesbit

Evelyn Nesbit was a beautiful model and at that time was the most photographed woman .She was soon cast as a chorus girl in the broadway show Floradora.This 16 year old soon attracted the attention of Stanford White a renowned architect.He showered her with gifts and even gave her a specially designed apartment to live.

One night he got Evelyn drunk and raped her which led to a one year relationship.Finally Evelyn found Harry Kendall Thaw and broke up with White.He pursued her for 2 years and finally she gave in .Thaw hated White as the architect had barred Thaw from entering several clubs due to his women beating habits,

When Thaw came to know what White had done to Evelyn he approached White in Madison Square Garden and on 25 June 1906 shot at him 3 times killing him .Thanks to strong PR Thaw became a hero and was eventually declared not guilty on grounds of insanity.

He spent the next 8 years in asylum and divorced Evelyn on coming out. The young woman went into depression and died in 1967 in California.However it is said you can see her ghost wandering up the Thaw family home.