The Sunshine of �Secularism�

Rift in the Lute

Christian Missionary Activities Enquiry Committee, Madhya Pradesh

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Tour Programmes of the Committee

District Raigarh

District Surguja

District Raipur

District Bilaspur

District Amravati

District Nimar

District Yeotmal

District Akola

District Buldana

District Mandla

District Jabalpur

District Chhindwara


Replies submitted by Shri J. Lakra

Replies to Questionnaire concerning the area covered by Jashpur, Khuria and Udaipur of the Raigarh district

Replies submitted by the Catholic Sabha of the Raigarh district Replies

Replies submitted by Shri Gurubachan Sing, Raipur

Replies submitted by Chairman and Secretary of the General Conference, Mennonite Mission in India, Saraipali, Raipur district

Replies submitted by Rev. Canon, R. A. Kurian, Nagpur

Replies submitted by Rev. E. Raman, President, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Madhya Pradesh, Gopalganj, Sagar

Replies submitted by Miss M. L. Merry, Khirkia R. S., Hoshangabad district, Madhya Pradesh

Replies submitted by Shri L. E. Hartman, Amravati Camp, Berar, Mission Bungalow, Amravati Camp, Berar

Replies submitted by Umri Mission Hospital, Umri, via Yeotmal, Madhya Pradesh

Replies submitted by Shri F. B. Lucas, President, Independent Christian Association, Yeotmal

Replies submitted by Shri R. W. Scott, Secretary, National Christian Council

Replies submitted by Dr. E. Asirvatham, Nagpur

Replies submitted by Shri P. S. Shekdar, Khamgaon, district Buldana

Replies submitted by Shri Sohanlal Aggarwal, Secretary, Vedic Sanskriti Raksha Samiti.

Replies submitted by Shri T. Y. Dehankar, President, Bar Association, and six others of Bilaspur

Replies submitted by Shri M.N. Ghatate, Nagpur Sangh Chalak.

Replies submitted by Shri R. K. Deshpande, Pleader, Jashpurnagar

Correspondence of Roman Catholics with the Committee, the state government and the Central Government

Extracts from Catholic Dharma ka Pracharak and other pamphlets showing the methods of propaganda

Short History of Chhattisgarh Evangelical Mission

Camp: Raipur (22-7-1955)

Camp Bilaspur (25-7-1955)

Raigarh (28-7-1955)

Jashpur (22-11-1955)

Jabalpur (8-8-1955)

Sagar (11-8-1955)

Mandla (15-8-55)

Khandwa (17-8-55)

Yeotmal (10-8-55)

Camp Amravati (13-8-1955)

Washim (16-8-1955)

Buldana 18-8-1955

Malkapur (20-8-1955)


Nagpur (20-9-1955)

Camp Ambikapur (19-11-1955)

Activities of Christian Missions in the Eastern States and proselytism in the Udaipur State by the Jesuit Mission