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Camp: Raipur (22-7-1955)

Statement made before the Christian Missionary Activities Enquiry Committee.

CAMP: RAIPUR (22-7-1955)

No. 1

Name-Mahant Vaishnaodas.
Father�s name-Shri Swami Bajrangdas.
Occupation-Mahant, Dudhadhari Math.

I confirm the statement which I have filed in reply to the questionnaire.  I have not cared to enquire as to the exact denominations of the Missions, which are working here but I have been observing that the Missions have been trying to propagate their religion from 40 years but they have intensified their efforts since 1948 after India attained Independence.  The number of preachers has been increased.  The preachers include foreigners as well as Indians who have been converted to Christianity. I came across a Christian school teacher, who had come from Pharsabhadar to my village Thelki, told me that although he was actually getting Rs. 30, his salary was shown Rs. 60 in order to get increased grants.  He had come to induce a farmer by name Dehra resident of my village to commit his son to his charge for education.  The boy may be about 5 to 6 years of age.  The farmer came to consult me.  He is Satnami by caste.  So I advised him not to comply with the preacher�s request as I thought that once he goes under the Christian influence he would embrace Christianity. The teacher generally goes out for preaching and he tries to induce the people to send their sons to is school telling them that by becoming Christians they will improve their social status as in Hindu society the Satnamis are not treated with respect.  I learnt from people that the preachers even declare that the King Janak was a Christian-pointing out a text of Tulsidas�s Ramayan in which the word Girja occurs Girja Pujan Janani Pathai Sar Samip Giraja Griha Soha.  As the Hindi equivalent for church is Girja Ghar, the preachers try to mislead the people.  The people, who actually heard the preacher, told me about this.

Until the malguzari right was abolished I was the malguzar of 26 villages, which I used to often visit in the course of management and there I used to hear the reports.  In these villages there are some which have got very preponderating majority of the Satnamis and in some villages there may be in a minority.  In village Vishrampur, which adjoins my village Kolhey, almost all the Satnamis have embraced Christianity.  I have seen the preachers sitting in a gathering of 20-25 persons. I have not heard what they preach because as soon as the people saw me they left the gathering.  I am the head of the religious organisation known as Vaishnaopanth.  The preachers sometimes used to visit my quarters also and I used to provide t6em with necessaries.

Formerly, I did money-lending business nearabout Rs. 4 lakhs. I used to charge interest varying from annas 8 to Rs. 1-8-0 per cent per month.  Some of my debtors used to incur debt from Christians and they have become Christians.  The terms and conditions on which loans were borrowed from Christians are not known to me.

It is a general report in the villages that the preachers get some reward for conversions brought about by them. I cannot say exactly about the improvement of their moral character but I know that after conversion to Christianity people change their occupation such as from farming to that of teachership or other Government service.

I have no objection, if there are special classes started for the preaching of different religions.  I approve of such scheme in order to avoid complications in the schools.  When I say that by conversion man�s attitude to the Indian culture is affected, I mean that the Missionary institutions get their inspiration and supplies of money from other countries and naturally they would be attracted by the culture of foreign countries and they would gradually come to disregard the Indian tradition and culture.  If the monetary assistance which is received from foreign countries is stopped, then the Christians would be standing on the same footing as Jains, Buddhist, etc. In my opinion, an Indian national has got the full freedom under the Constitution to preach and propagate his religion, but a foreigner is not entitled to such privileges.

A man after conversion to Christianity loses respect for the great persons in India of history, such as, Maharana Pratap, Buddha, Ramkrishna, etc.  I concede that the missions have done good work in the field of education and medical relief, etc., but their intentions are not good.  They are prompted by the motive of proselytising them.  Conversion generally takes place among scheduled castes, i.e., Harijans and among the Adivasis (Scheduled Tribes).

Cross-examined at the request of Rev. Gurbachan Singh. - I cannot give you the name of the teacher about whom I have said that he gets Rs. 30 instead of Rs. 60.  He was a teacher in the Pharsabhadar school.  This may be about 8 or 9 years back.  My village is near Vishrampur.  I learnt in the village that there was a majority of Satnamis in that village formerly, but that many of them had adopted Christianity.  In that village, besides Satnamis, there are other classes such as Marwaris, Kurmis.  About Vishrampur itself, I am stating definitely that inducement such as educational facilities, medical relief, monetary help by way of lending money and the hope of elevation of their social status is offered.  In village Ghirmi, which belonged to me, there were about 8 families of Christians but there was a preponderance of Satnami population.  All the converted families were Satnamis formerly.  In Abhanpur village there are some Christians residing near the station. I cannot say where they got converted to Christianity as they were not my tenants.  I cannot give the name of the teacher about whom I said that he received reward for conversion.  My general information was based on reports prevailing in villages.  I have no personal knowledge.  All converts that I know of my village were Satnamis and it is out of them that preachers were appointed.  They may be about 4 or 5. I cannot say how many of the converted Christians were educated before their conversion.  I know that Indians also go abroad for preaching Hindu religion but their main object is not conversion as it is of the Christian Missionaries.  I cannot say whether the people in other countries have embraced Hindu religion because of preaching.  When there is a preaching of any religion, it is quite possible that some may be influenced, and if he is convinced about the soundness he may be converted.  I have not read lives of converts from religions other than Hinduism. I do not know the names of Sadhu Sunder Singh Narayan Waman Tilak, etc.

No. 2

Father�s name-Mukunda.
Address-Inmate of Government Leper Asylum, Raipur.

I am an inmate of the Leper Asylum for the last twenty years.  Prior to 8 or 9 years, it was a Mission Hospital.  It now belongs to Government.  I the disease about 25 years back and tried to secure admission into the Mission Asylum about 21 years ago. I was told by Munsi, pastor-in-charge that I would not be admitted, unless I become a Christian.  I was not willing.  I remained outside for four or five days there.  When I suffered too much I told Munsi, pastor, that I would become a Christian. I was then admitted into the Asylum.  My baptism took place about two months after I was admitted to the Asylum.  During this time they were giving me troubles and made me to do all the work myself. They said that I would get free treatment and other facilities after baptism.  Twice a week a pastor from Raipur used to visit the asylum and give instructions to us about Christian religion.  I did not like it, but then I had to submit because of pressure.  After baptism a Christian name was given to me; now I have forgotten. I remained a Christian for about 12 years.  During this time I used to read Bible. I was not permitted to read any Hindu Scripture.  There might be hardly 3 or 4 persons in the Asylum as Hindus and the rest were Christians.

About 7 or 8 years ago the Asylum was taken over by Government.  When we came to know about this we gave an application stating that we had been forcibly converted to Christianity and in reality we wanted to follow our old Hindu religion.  We requested in the petition that we may be allowed to come back to our old religion, i.e., Hinduism.  On our petition, the District Magistrate went to the hospital and enquired from us whether we had given the application voluntarily.  On our telling that we had given it willingly, our application was granted.  At that time, there were about 100 inmates including females.  The application had been given by all.  All the applicants gave up Christianity.  At present there are some Christian patients in the Asylum.  No pressure had been brought on us when we gave the application.  During the time when I was there, many other patients used to he admitted.  They were admitted only as Christians and those who were not agreed to become Christians had to go back All 'of them have now renounced Christianity.

Nos. 3, 3 (a) and 3 (b)

Name-3.  Hardeo, son of Farkut.
3(a). Mojiram, son of Mangalu Lohar. 
3 (b). Mst. Hiro.
Address-Leper Asylum, Raipur.

Mst. Hiro and Mojiram are inmates of the hospital for the last 11 years.  They state that they had adopted Christianity for some years so long as the hospital was under the management of Christians and now they have renounced Christianity and reverted to Hinduism because the Hindu officers have taken charge of the hospital.  Nobody asked us to become Hindu.  No pressure was brought on us to become Hindus.

No. 4

Name-Indradeo Tandon.
Father�s name-Shiorajsingh Satnami.
Caste-Satnami, Age 50.
Address-Jhara village in Mahasamund Tahsil.

Akhil Bharatiya Satnami Mahasabha has its headquarters at Mahasamund, and was started 6 or 7 years ago.  The object of the Sabha was to improve the condition of the Satnami community.  This Sabha is affiliated to the Schedule Castes Federation which is led by Dr. Ambedkar.  Having suffered from the hands of Hindus, we started this organisation to enable Satnamis to exercise their own rights and to prevent them from becoming Christians, Muslims, etc.  Our organisation consists of 7 members.  There are about 4 lakhs Satnamis in Raipur, Bilaspur and Durg districts.  I do propaganda amongst Satnamis as per aims and objects of the Hindu Mahasabha.  Most of the Christian converts are from Satnamis.  Some Satnamis also became converts to Islam as a result of injustice to them by the Hindu society arid the Government.

There was caste system and untouchability amongst Hindus and Government made no more efforts for the uplift and education of Satnamis whereas on the other hand Christians were not treated as untouchables, were given equal status and got employment, etc., and, therefore, many Satnamis became converts to Christianity Satnamis become converts because they read the religious literature distributed amongst them by preachers of Christianity.  We want to remain as Hindus and fight for our rights.  They distribute Bible, exhibit films and carry on propaganda.  We have reconverted two Christians to Satnamis.  We wear sacred threads (Janau).  Sunderlal was a Brahman and he first asked us to wear Janau and cheated us.

No. 5

Name-Shridatta Sharma.
Father�s name-Harvilas.
Occupation-Medical Practitioner (Vaidya).

I had sent the letter, dated 26th January 1955, on behalf of the Sanatan Dharma Rakshini Arya Pratinidhi Sabha.  This is a reply to the Questionnaire. I settled at Basna about a year and half ago.  Prior to that I was working in Delhi State.  In course of my routine work and also for propaganda on behalf of the Sabha I am required to visit about 350 villages round about Basna. I am not paid worker of the Sabha.  At Saraipali, there is a Roman Catholic Mission, and in Basna, the Mennonite Mission functions.  Besides schools and hospitals, these Missions do preaching of their religion and later on convert.

I know one Jogeshwar who got a gift of 30 acres of land as an inducement for him to become a Christian.  He got the gift of land but he later on recoiled from his promise to be a convert to Christianity on the ground that his wife was opposed to that.  This occurred 10 years ago. Jogeshwar is living and can be called to appear before this Enquiry Committee, if necessary.  I know also another case which occurred last year.  It was of one Rishi Harijan who had become reconvert to Hindu religion.  When his brother was ill, he approached Dr. Dester of Jagdishpur for treatment.  Dr. Dester asked him to become a Christian before he could be treated.  He also offered an inducement that his child would be treated free.  He demanded Rs. 25 in case he did not accept his first proposal.  Rishi was compelled to pay this big amount.  Rishi is willing to appear before the Committee but he is unable to bear the expenses.  He produces the letter which he received from Rishi.  About six months back I had gone to a village Palsabadi.  This is inhabited mostly by Christians.  I expressed my desire to preach my religion there.  When the pastor arrived and objected to my preaching, I told him that being a preacher himself he should not object to my preaching.  We decided to go to the village church where he promised to give me time to speak.  There was a gathering of about 60 persons which included 3 or 4 Christians.  The pastor started his preaching, in course of which he indicated that Jesus Christ was the only Saviour and people should not have faith in idol worship, wearing of sacred thread, keeping of choti, etc.  About Krishna he said that he was a debauch and kept 16,000 wives.  The followers of his religion should not regard him as their King and God, and his religion cannot be called true religion.  Winding up his speech in common prayer he stated that a Saitan (referring to me) was present in the gathering and advised people that if they were to listen to my advice they would go to hell, I was also given permission to speak. I explained the implications of my religion from beginning and tried to clarify some of the points raised by the pastor before the gathering I spoke for about half an hour.  The atmosphere throughout remained peaceful.

Examined by Rev. Gurbachan Singh-

I have got a dispensary in Basna where I stock my medicines, but there is no board to indicate that I am a medical practitioner.  It is not correct that Rishi was excommunicated from Christian religion.  The report of Rishi given by me to the Commission (attached) is in Hindi.  He- got it written by somebody and it bears his signature.  I am unable to say whether lie is literate or not.  He did not sign his name before me.

No. 6

Name-Jatashankar Sharma.
Father�s name-Balbhadraprasad Sharma

Dr. Samuel is a medical practitioner at Mahasamund.  He along with his followers visits Mahasamund markets and carries on preaching of Christianity.  I heard his preaching.  Dr. Samuel said in the course of his preaching that Salvation lies only through Jesus and not through Ram, whose wife was snatched away, and he himself had to live in jungle.  One Ramu of Bastar, who had three sons, 2 of whom died and the third son became ill, came to us. We said that the only way to save him was to have belief in Christ and he did believe in Christ and he was baptised and he lived, so you see which religion you should follow?  So long as there was Christian rule in India, the people were happy as life was easier, things were cheaper.  Even, now your Government, i.e., Indian Government, depends upon America for its supply of wheat and also gets loan of money.  That is how Indian Government is able to maintain its-elf.  So if you become Christian, you will also be happy like us.

Dr. Samuel, addressing the Harijans, says that the laws passed by the Government are ineffective.  They cannot help the Harijans in any way.  The only course for the Harijans is to embrace Christianity so that they will demand full rights of equality in society and also be in a position to demand a separate State for themselves, as the Naga Christians in Assam are doing and others in Jharkhand . He cited the example of Pakistan and said that they would also, get a separate State for themselves.  In his dispensary are exhibited placards containing a writing to the effect that those who worship idols will have to suffer in Hell as insects.  This has a tendency to incite people.

In June 1955, a girl by name Jaggarbai, aged 13 years, was called by Samuel to his house under the pretence of doing some service and she was confined in the house at night. When the people discovered that the girl was in that house she was brought out.  When the mother protested against the conduct of Samuel, Samuel said that she had become Christian, and she hacks lost bet caste.  She, therefore, could not be admitted into the Hindu religion.  The matter had been reported to Police on 12-6-1955.  It bears her thumb-impression.

Criss-examined at the request of Rev. Gurbachan Singh- Dr.  Samuel is a medical practitioner. Dr. Samuel it citizen of India.  Many people must have heard what was said by Dr. Samuel in the bazar. I do riot know whether Police took any action

No. 7

Name-(1) Gowardhan Dhanaji Gujrathi, (2) Gajananrao and (3) Ganpatrao.

The account given by Shri Jatashankar Sharma of the preaching of Dr. Samuel is true and we corroborate as we were present and heard it.

Dr. Samuel also preaches that rivers like the Ganga and Jamuna, which are regarded as sacred by Hindus, are everyday polluted and no Salvation can be had through them.  Hindu Gods and Goddesses are decried and ridiculed

No. 8

Name-Pandharirao Kridatt.
Father�s name-Gulabrao.

Mennonite Mission functions at Dhamtari.  They have a hospital, high school and primary schools in Shantipur village.  They have a Leper Asylum at village Shantipur about 5 miles from Dhamtari.

When the Committee last visited Dhamtari, I presented a statement on 15th July 1954.  Some persons from Dhamtari have come today to substantiate the allegations made in the statement, dated the 15th July 1954.

No. 9

Father�s name-Vyankatrao.
Address-Balodgahan 7 miles from Dhamtari.

This village originally belonged to one Bisuji Pawar and was taken by Rev, Restler in 1907.  As soon as he got possession of the village, he demolished the temples of Thakurdeo and Mata Deola and on the site he built his own bungalow.  To the west of the Basti was the stone of Satbanidevi (village deity).  This stone was broken and used for purposes of building.

Mr. Bear who was the manager of the village objected to the image of Ravan in the year 1951 which was made in connection with the celebration of Ramlila at the time of Daserah.  When the Hindus asked for permission to have it atleast for a day, he said that he would not tolerate idol worship in his village.

There was another incident in 1951 when Ramayan recital was made and the servant of Rev. Bear arrived there and took objection to the recital of Ramayan without the permission of his master.  Then, there was a hot altercation between myself and the servant.  In that village, the Hindus are in minority, and there are such clashes occurring from time to time.  There are other instances in which Hindus are debarred from following the village customs.  We have made many reports about this to Deputy Commissioner and other officers.

By Rev. Gurbachan Singh.- Patel of the village is a Hindu.  There are 8 members in the Gram Panchayat, out of whom, 5 are Hindus and 3 Christians.  Rev. Bear left the place 3 years ago.  Except a few Sounjyas, all are Christians.  Dhansahay and Budhram, who were Hindus, were in the service of Rev. Bear.  There are Thakurdeo and Mata installed elsewhere.  The original place of village deity has now been changed by us to another place after it was demolished by Christians.  Christian�s are in majority in the village.  The Patel was not elected by the Gram Panchayat but is nominated.

No. 10

Father�s name-Birju
Address-Khundani, taluq Balod.

Jiwanlal, who is now a teacher in Dhamtari School is my younger brother.  He became a Christian 8 or 9 years ago.  When he was young, I got him admitted in the Balodgahan school.  For two years, the expenses were borne by me.  Thereafter Jiwanlal said that he had been awarded a scholarship and, therefore, it was not necessary for me to incur any expenditure. He was in the Balodgaban school for ten years.  Thereafter he went to Dhamtari High School.  There he studied for three years and went to Bangalore.  On return from there he is working as a Teacher in the Dhamtari High School, Dhamtari.  It was only last year when he married a Christian lady we came to know that he had become a Christian.  Before that he had been telling us that he was getting scholarship from the Mission and as such no expenses were required to be incurred by us.  Before marriage he used to visit us on few occasions. I do not know when my brother became a Christian.

No. 11 (Date 23-7-1955)

Father�s name-Bijuram.
Occupation-Teacher in Normal School.  
Address-Mennonite Church, Dhamtari.

Up to the 8th standard I was educated at my own expenses, i.e., expenses of my family.  In the ninth class, I was awarded scholarship.  I cannot say whether it was from Missionary funds or Government.  I got this scholarship on my merit. I was in the Mission High School and I was influenced by the Christianity teaching. I was convinced of the truth of Christianity when I was 16 but I was not baptised then as I was a minor.  On attaining majority in the year 1943, I was baptised, and members of my family disliked my becoming a Christian and they tried to dissuade me.  I used to usually reside in the hostel but during the vacation I used to go to my home and meet the people.  We are still as we were before on talking terms we also dine with each other.

Except that we differ in religion our social relations are as like those as members of the family. I got one of my brothers trained in the normal school at my own expenses but he has not embraced Christianity. I was married in the year 1953 to a Christian girl.  Among Christians, we do not observe caste. I was sent to Bangalore in the year 1945 for studies in theological College.  I was there up to 1948. I got a loan from the Mennonite Mission and I repaid.  My ancestral religion was Kabirpanth.  I belong to Teh Samaj.  I was familiar with Hindu religion as well as the teachings to Kabir. I am impressed by the doctrine of redemption, viz., Jesus died for the Sins of humanity.  My conversion was riot due to any inducement by the Missionary.  There has been no other case of non-Christian boy to Christianity from the Mennonite High School and the majority of the school is non-Christians.  The non-Christians students in the High School do not attend the Bible lesson but only moral instruction.

For the last two years Bible is no longer taught as one of the subjects.

No. 12

Father�s name-Jayalal.

Jiwanlal is my second cousin.  We came to know about his conversion to Christianity about 3-4 Years ago, when he was married.  He never told us that he became a Christian and he told us that he got a scholarship.

No. 13

Father�s name-Sonsahay.

One Bakhariya, who was living in my neighbourhood, sold a site to 2 Hindu for Rs. 10.  He wanted to purchase.  He was a Christian and the Pastor of the Church took him to task for having parted with the land to a Hindu threatening that the small allowances that he was getting from the Church would be ceased.  Thereafter, the old man wanted to cancel the transaction of sale. I had purchased the land for Rs. 10 for the use of Hindu society looking to his distressed condition I revoked the transfer and got back Rs. 10 and returned the land to him.  The name of the Pastor is Sukhlal.

No. 14

Father�s name-Thelsingh.

Bhurua Gond was suffering from disease in the leg.  He went to the Christian hospital at Balodgahan for treatment. The doctors there said: �we wont treat you unless you become Christian�.  He was in distress. He said that he would become Christian.  He died last year. All this happened before me. He died as a Christian.

No. 15

Name-Hariramji Agrawal.
Father�s name-Onkarmal.
Occupation-Grain Dealer.

About four years ago my mother by name Gangabai w an in-patient in the Evengelical Hospital, Tilda. I used to visit the hospital during that time. From my personal knowledge I say that in the general ward among the poor patients the pictures of Krishna and the Gopis bathing in the Jamuna, of Ram going to the forest on one side, and the picture of Jesus on the other used to be displayed between 12 and 3 p.m. everyday.  The preacher, who had come from Dehra Dun, used to ell them that the Krishna was a man of bad character and Ram also had to leave his house on account of disobedience to his parents, and then he used to ask questions how can such Gods save you? On the other hand, look at Jesus, at whose birth Krishna, Ram and Shankar and Viswamitra turned up to see the new-born Baby (for Darshan).

To Mr. A. B. Shinde, Advocate, Jubbulpore.- The pictures that I mention were those which are ordinarily sold in the markets. I had objected to this.  I did not report to anybody.  People from Bhatapara go to Tilda for treatment.  I told about this to the people of Bhatapara.  I also reported this to Shri Ganpat Rao Naidu belonging to Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh.  The preacher had come for four days and it was he, who had exhibited these pictures.

No. 16

Father�s name-Dube.

I was a Hindu first.  Then I became a Christian.  Subsequently I changed my mind and performed Shuddhi ceremony and became Hindu again.  The Policeman by name Pitambardas came to know of it.  He came to my village one night at about 8 p.m. and called me. I came.  He asked me as to what was my name. I gave him my name.  You were a Christian and now became Hindu.  I will see your marks, show me the mark on your body.  I took out my Kurata and there was no mark.  Then he said there is a mark on car, pointing to the ear-hole.  I said that was not an ear-mark but it was ear-hole.  He threatened me to send to Jail and also the person who converted me.  He gave me a few slaps.  This is about a year back. I reported this matter to the Police. I also informed some people in the village.  I do not know what happened afterwards. I was converted to the Mennonite Church.

One Manohar, who is a Christian, is my son-in-law.  My daughter was married to him when I was a Christian.  That son-in-law of mine refused to take my daughter to me even though the daughter protested that she had not become a Hindu and why he should not take her.  He insisted that unless her father changed his religion and became a Christian he would not take her back.  She used to bring pressure on me to reconvert myself to Christianity.

Now my daughter being afraid of ill-treatment by her husband, she would rather remain with me than go to her husband under such condition.

To Mr, Shinde.- I was never ex-communicated from the Church.  My mother was a Christian.  My father, who was Christian, died.  My brother, who was a Christian once, has now reverted to Hinduism.  The whole of my family has now come back to Hinduism.  My brother�s name is Jogindra.  My daughter was married about three or four years ago.  She returned to my house about 10 months ago.  After marriage she used to come off-and-on to my house.

My sister is a Christian.

No. 17

Name-Tarachand Agrawal.
Father�s name-Shiolal.
Occupation-Grain dealer.

I had once taken my wife for treatment to Jagdishpur Mission Hospital.  I went to the doctor.  He gave me a slip and directed me to the cashier and then I went to the cashier by name Illiashid. (Dr. Dester is a foreigner.) Then that cashier asked whether I wanted the welfare of my patient and then he again repeated the same question. I said decidedly I want that she should be cured then he said �you have to bring faith in Christ, if you want that she should be cured otherwise you can go away�.

Anyhow my wife was admitted and there I found that they have to offer Christian Prayers in the morning at 7 a.m. That is practically indispensable not only to the patients but to their men.  They give all sorts of stories of their religion.  There was a leper who went to a Rishi, who was Bhakta of Ram, and asked him to cure him.  The leper could not be cured by the Rishi.  Then, while returning back, he found Jesus on the way.  He prayed to him and he was cured.  Jesus cured him.  Look here, the preacher says, the difference between our Lord and your Lord.  They also distribute Bibles and show pictures.  A lot of difference in the charges flat a non-Christian has to pay.  Their treatment to a non-Christian who shows some spirit for his religion is almost intolerable.

To Mr. A. B. Shinde.- After that incident, I did not go to the hospital.  The reason why I did not go to the hospital was that there was no occasion.  She stayed in the hospital for 10 days and she was cured.  I was also in the hospital once.  I have no grievance against the actual treatment.  I do not know any other Hindu patients who go there.

No. 18

Father�s name-Ishadas.
Caste-Christian. (Not examined).

No. 19

Father�s name-Ramanand.

I took my wife to the Jagdishpur Mission Hospital, who was suffering from pain in leg.  The compounder, who was in charge of the hospital by name Yudhistir, asked me to go to the Prayer Hall and join the Prayer.  I said, �I am attending my wife� but he insisted that I should go to the Prayer.  As he insisted, I had to go there.

To Shri Shinde.- Yudhistir is not in the hospital now.  But he was there in charge as compounder in 1950.

No. 20

Father�s name-Sidhar.
Address-Shirko, tahsil Mahasamund.

In the village Shirko, there is a fair population of Christians and there they stage dramas, They make idols of earth representing the Hindu deities and another representing the man.  They keep a wooden sword on the neck image of man.  Then they ask the people: who is to save this man and one man comes assuming the form of Christ and then it is pointed out that it is.  He alone that can save.  They ask the people to give up idol worship and have faith in Christ who alone will help them- to go to Heaven. Jackson, who is an Indian and others from outside come to the village for preaching.

To Shri Shinde.- In the village, the Hindus are in majority and Christians in minority.  The patel is Radheshyam, a Hindu.  Kotwar is also Hindu.  There are 10 members in the Gram Panchayat.  There is no Christian member.  These dramas are occasionally staged.  The last was held a year ago.  The villagers are invited to witness the drama.  The Hindus are few who attend.  They may be about 40 or 50.

No. 21

Name-Shri Chakra Pani Shukla, M.L.A.
Address-Baloda Bazar.

I represent Bhatapara Baloda Bazar Constituency.  I am Chairman of the Baloda Bazar Janapada also.  In this area, the Missions have three dispensaries and a number of schools.  The number of schools have been closed and have been taken over by the Janpada Sabha.

At this stage, all the dispensaries and schools have been closed.  So far as I am aware, I do not remember that any conversion took place in the area.

No. 22

Father�s name-Dhaniram.
Address-Shirko, tahsil Mahasamund.

There is a Mission school at Shirko.  There are four teachers and all are Christians.  They are also preachers.  They teach Christian religion in the school. I asked them to engage a Hindu teacher to teach Hindu religion to Hindu boys but they refused to do so.  Accordingly, I sent my son to the Janapada school, which is being held in the private house as there is no school-building yet ready.

To Shri A. B. Shinde.- Hindus made no contribution to the school.

No. 23

Name-Mahant Nayandas, M.L.A.

I have been a member of the Legislative Assembly for three terms. I am Secretary of the Akhil Bharatiya Satnami Sabha.  Muktawandas was Satnami Guru.  Adi Guru is Ghasidas.  He was the Guru of Satnami all over India.  We are adherents of Hindu Religion. We will be agitated, if he called himself Christian.  People will be prepared to die in a fight with anybody who would say that the Adi Guru was a Christian.  The Christian Missionaries go round all the villages, telling the people that as Satnamis the remained down-trodden in Hindu society, that the true Satnami is to be found in the Christian Scriptures, and that they should give up the Hindu society and join Christianity.  Now the Hindus have become conscious of the injustice done to the Satnamis, and are improving them to some extent.  The Satnamis have full hope that the Hindus will treat the Satnamis as their equals in every place.

I know of many instances like this. One Kejha of Medpa, Bilaspur district, was an indoor patient in the hospital at Mungeli.  Influence was brought to bear upon him to become a Christian that if he wanted to be cured, he should embrace Christianity.

Bodhan Satnami of Dhawra Bata went to Bilaspur hospital.  There he was similarly told and he was made Christian.  We have reconverted him to Satnami sect.

To Mr. Shinde.- What I said about the hospital is correct. I had been to Mungeli hospital and told Bodhan not to become a Christian at any cost.  This was about 6-7 years ago.  Bodhan said that he had already adopted Christianity as it was impossible for him to live without becoming a Christian.  He was converted to Christianity, while he was a patient in hospital.  I visited the hospital a week after when Bodhan had become a Christian. I do not know any of the Christian Missionaries in the hospital. I did not ask anybody and protest to any Missionary.  Year after he was out of the hospital he requested me to take hint back into the Satnami community which I did and Bodhan is now a Satnami.  I actually heard at the Tilda hospital that the Christian Missionaries preach to the patients, when they are waiting for admission, that if you become Christians, you will enjoy equality of status and unlike the way you are treated in a insulting manner in Hindu society by being given a low status.  These preachers were Americans, as well as those who were trained by Americans.  This is a matter so well-known that it need not be supported by any evidence. I was myself an indoor patient in Tilda, and I used to observe all this preaching that was going on. I have no objection, if any man voluntarily becomes a Christian.  They had better been asked to go to other hospital. I do not know of any case of patient being told that unless he became Christian he would not be treated.

No. 24

Name-Bajirao Niru, M.L.A. 
Address-M.L.A., Bhatapara.

I produce this pamphlet entitled �Satyanami Panth�.  In this pamphlet it is stated that Ghasidas, our original Guru was himself a Christian.  That Ghasidas was the disciple of Jesus Christ and in that capacity he came to India and propagated here.  It is misled by such propaganda that many Satnamis embrace Christian religion.  There are some offensive references to some of our Gurus and they are very provocative.

To Mr. Shinde.- When I stated above that Ghasidas was a disciple of Jesus Christ, what I mean is that Ghasidas, who preached Satnam for the first time, derived his inspiration from a Christian preacher, as it is stated in the pamphlet.  My interpretation was that Guru Ghasidas borrowed this idea from Christianity.  Among the Satnamis, I think 2 or 3 per cent people are literate.

NOTE.-He is unable to point out the exact passage supporting his statement.

No. 25

Occupation-Manager and Headmaster, St. Paul�s High School, Raipur, and also Member, Mission Education Committee Primary School, and Member and Teacher of the Secondary Schools.

The Mission is American Evangelical Mission which conducts the school.  We get Government grant as well as funds from America.  Government grant is Rs. 16,225 and the American fund is between Rs. 30,000 and, Rs. 35,000.  The money comes from the Church in America, viz., �The Evangelical Church�.  It has got a Board in America and it is through this Board the grant is given.

We hold our Bible Classes towards the end of the day and we also hold Moral Instruction Classes.  The Bible Classes are compulsory neither for the Christians nor for the non-Christians.  It is only when express permission of the parents that the pupil is admitted into the Bible Class.  Since we met this Committee last, we have made a change in the form of admission on the advice of the Committee.  Formerly express permission was not in the form.  Now it has been inserted, since last year.  The new forms are given this year.  Last year 70 per cent of the consents were given. I can give you definite figures as regards 9th class where only 12 have not produced any express permission out of 180.

In fact they have given letters that they should be exempted from the Bible Class.  In this class, there are not more than 20 students of Christians.  Parents know that the ward will be studying Bible.  We issue these forms after the admissions.  This does not affect Admissions at all.  This year I admitted about 40 boys in 9th class.  These forms were issued only to these 40 boys and not to others promoted from other schools and who have already given once.

There are no prescribed text-books for moral instruction.  These books on moral lesson are published by Christian organisations.  These books are not sectarian.  Besides Government Scholarships the Mission also awards tuition aids which are given to boys irrespective of caste but only to poor people.

There are very few students in the High School from rural area.  The percentage of tuition aid and freeships among Christians and no

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