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District Surguja



10th June 1954

Names (if legible) and number of signatories, place, etc.
Names (if legible) and number of signatories, place, etc.
Gopalghasi with two witnesses of mouza Mulshekela, tahsil Samri (Christian). Bini Christian was asked to do begar for Raghuvir, Forest Guard, by Gopairam, Chaukidar of mouza Mulkikela, tahsil Samri. On refusal he was beaten. No action on report made at Sanna thana, Samri tahsil.
Ledwa Chamar of Chanda Madwa (Non-Christian). Anthony, Pracharak, erected house on land cultivated by Leduwa.
19 signatories Roman Mission Pracharaks often pay visits. They show allurements and ask for signatures. People interrupted in their work. Manguram, Varana Ram and Sukhu Uraon became Christians as a result of allurement. Desires to give oral information.
20 signatures Cattle place converted into market place at mouza Diwri, thana Samri. Request for reconversion into cattle place.
10 signatures Matru Uraon has given accommodation in his house to Joseph Uraon, Pracharak of Ranchi.
Kandru Urban, mouza Surbena. Kandru had to face difficulties, Pracharak Khajuriwala assured him help and got him married to a Christian girl. No help rendered. Requests to be relieved from clutches of missionaries.
7 from Krishnagar Pracharak staying at Nanaka Miya�s house in Krishnagar shows allurements and gives threats.
39 signatures from about 25 villages. Missionaries give allurement of jharkhand where cloth will be sold at one anna a yard and salt also very cheap.
15 from Mulsikala Domnik, preacher, staying at Pilloo Uraon�s house.  Converted seven families so far.  These families are oreating dusturbances by disobeying kotwar chaukidar.  Ask others to embrace christ inity because there will be Jharkhand very soon.
Rev. Lakra, Leader, Lutheran Church and Rev. P. Bock, T. Kujur, Emmanel Lakra (Christians). English application.
Rev. J. L. Lakra, President, Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church, Jashpur. Do.
Jayaram Kujur and Sukh Uraon, Deori. Tiwari, Headmaster, Adivasi School, forcibly removed photo of Jesus Christ from Jayaram�s house.
Jayaram Kujur and three more. Tiwari prevented Jawaharnagar and Kamlapur Christians from performing prayer in Bodraram�s house.
Bhandari, Tirkey, Temba Uraon, Karadand and Sohra Uraon. Complaint against Tiwari and Chhediram, who made fiery speeches against Christian religion and Fathers with threats.  Patwari was present.
3 from Ratasili, thana Samri Two constables from Samri police station went to Ratasili, and abused catholic preachers.  They arrested one preacher Albinus.  As they were bringing him to Kusmi, he ran away near Vainganga river.
Alois, Pracharak and three more from Jamira. Chaukidar Temna Ghasi and a constable from Samri thana, obstructed Christians from performing prayer in Riku Uraon's courtyard with abuses and threats.
Petrik and Milbinu Uraons, Ghugri. Three catholics offered prayers in mouza Ghugri.  Next daytheywere called by Viswanath Patwari at Adivasi school where they were abused and threatened.  Petrik Kujur was slapped.  He was given three bozas of fuel free as demanded by him.
Jayaram Kujur and Mangru Uraon, Pamlapur. Tahsildar, Kusmi, abused Christians.
Temba and Bhadari Uraon, Karadad. Tahsildar, Kusmi, abused Christians at Madguri and said that fields of Christians will be looted, they will be beat and shot down.
Unsigned application Gajadharpur Patel and Fulchand Dhobi beat Jowakim, a catholic preacher.
Chhanduwa Uraon, Gutradih and Pracharak Joseph Tirkey. Chhanduwa, chaukidar, was threatened for giving shelter to Christian missionaries.
Kamil Kujur and two others from Bhulsi. Catholics sent to Samri thana by chaukidar of Bhulsi for offering prayers without permission.
Louis, Pracharak, Karadand Rambrichha, constable, asked Etwa Munda to drive away Ignes Munda, a catholic pracharak.
Puliki Pracharak Rambrichha, constable, slapped and threatened Mahesh Rajwar for going with Christians.
Bandhana Uraon, Jadatala. Nasiruddin, constable, asked Ignes Munda to quit Bandhana Uraon�s house.
Louis, Pracharak, Karadand and two others. Rambrichha. and one constable asked Leuis, a catholic preacher to quit Karadand and abused him.  A note-book on his person was forcibly taken away and has not been returned so far.
Louis, Pracharak Louis reports a meeting of Rajmohni held at mouza Amtahi under the Chairmanship of Balram Prasad Sonar.  He abused Christians and asked people to beat Louis if he visited their places for prachar.  Contribution was to be arranged for Balram Prasad and his tour for religious work was fixed.
Ghuma, Kahru and Bhagta Uraons. Mst. Dukhi of Surbena married Ghuma Uraon. She was asked by Patel, Patwari and Cbaukidar to drive away Ghuma from the house, otherwise they would kill him whenever he was found.
Martin Kujur and two more Achhnu, Chaukidar of Ghughri called Gabriel and Martin to Samri thana.  They went there walking 16 miles.  Tiwari, Head Contsable, wrote their names and places and after taking money from them they were allowed to go.



The 10th June 1954 -- 11-30 a.m.

Attendance-About 2,000 from 63 villages.  Forty Christians and rest Non-Christians.

At the outset the Chairman introduced the members of the Committee and explained the purpose of their visit.

There are three missions working-Catholic, Lutheran and American.

Sukharam Uraon of Karmi Toli: Induced to become Christian by giving him money.  A Christian Uraon purchases land in the village as a tri al, whereas others (non-aboriginals) are not allowed to purchase.  If land is purchased in this manner, he apprehended that there may not be enough land for tribals of the village themselves.

Father: Pracharaks move from village to village. Christians have a special place of worship.  We teach gospel, generally St. John�s.

Rajendra Prasad of mouza Harri: Complains against purchase of land by Christians.  A Christian purchased the land of one Makan Miyan�s daughter on Makan Miyan's death.  His wife has married another Mohammedan and the daughter is living with her uncle.

Budhwa Uraon: Christians have converted a resting place of cattle (nistar land) of mouza Deori into a market place, because Uraons of that village did not embrace Christianity.  Ramsunder Patwari confirms this saying hat Christian villagers are asked to sit in that place for bazar.  Villagers from Barwe Chhechari (in Bihar) come there.  They observe Saturday market in that place since one year.  There is also a sarna in that place.

Bawna, son of Jetho Uraon of Gajadharpur: I had given an application to Government for land as I had none for cultivation. I waited for three years and later became a Christian (Catholic) with the hope that I will get some land.  But I did not get any land and, therefore, again I became a Hindu.

Ramdayal of Ghulsinga: There is ten Christian houses in my village out of a total of 80.  Two Christians came to the village sometime back saying that they were Hindus, but they were Christians. Chaukidar�s son was beaten by them.  They say, �We don�t care for any Government officers and don�t obey them�.  I am treated as an obstruction in Christian work because I do not allow villagers to become Christians.  They are Roman Catholics.  When I was beaten, I had given a report to Sub-Inspector of Police at Kusmi He said he would come for enquiry but he was transferred later. Domni, Tani and Binny beat him.

Domi: I am a Christian by birth, belong to Ghulsi village and am a Pracharak of Roman Catholic Mission.  Pay is about Rs. 30 to Rs. 35 per, mensem paid by the Mission.  Father Francis of La tahsil pays it.  Has been living in the village since two years.  Before that he was a teacher in Adivasi School, Ambikapur, for one year.  Before that, peon to Food Inspector. Before that, was living in his house in Barwe (Ranchi district).  There was only one Christian house when I came to Ghulsi.  Now there are ten houses.  I converted eight houses.  I preach that the world started with Adam and Eve.  I say that idol worshippers will be ruined.  When a man agrees to become Christian.  I write his name in my book, and then I take him to Father Francis after teaching him dharam.  Birsahay was converted by me last year.  He was taken to Father Francis after one year since his name was written.  Till that time Birsahay was making enquiries from his friends about Christianity.  I took him to Father Francis after teaching him the lessons and giving him bath.  Father had been to the village himself.  Wife and three daughters of Birsahay were converted by the father.  Six or seven families were also converted by the Father with all their minor children after giving them holy bath.  I get my pay irrespective of the number of persons converted.

On 25th December, which is Christmas Day, we were in church.  It was about 6 or 7 p.m. Chaukidar and jungle-chaprasi came there and asked for a man to take his goat, which he had brought from Titartoli to Chhapartoli.  The goat was brought walking.  We told him that we were in Girja and, therefore, we could not do it.  Kotwal started shouting and disturbing us.  Kotwal�s son was drunk and he beat Benjamin.  About 50 persons were busy in prayers. There were three persons with the chaukidar�s son and jungle sepoy. He stumbled in the door and said that we had beaten him and went away. Next day, Billuram was beaten when he was sitting with his son in his yard. I did not report the matter to police.

Ramtapiram of Serangada: Pracharaks say that they will give cheaper cloth to those who become Christians when they will have their raj of Jharkhand.

Bultu of Ambikapur: Nagesia by caste. Always had come to the village saying that there will be Father�s Raj and we will not allow you to live.  Pracharaks also come there.  He said that you have got your seat in Delhi.  They said they would give land and cloth.  Some villagers were converted in Gopati.

Gangaram said that the Christian Father asked his father to be present in another toli, but he was ill.  Therefore, he did not go.  Alwis, Pracharak, came to him saying that the Father had said Jawahar Raj has come and there is no happiness to the people.  When Christian Raj will come, they will get happiness.

Khagnaram: I had been for the meeting in January 1954.  Elderly sons did not go but children went.  Father from Gopati had come.  He said that his religion was best of all, teaches children, gives land and houses.  He said that Jawahar�s raj will go and our raj will come.  If you don�t come in our religion, you will have troubles.  You will not get cloth and salt.

Alwaris (Alwis) Nagesia: I had been to Khangnaram�s house to call people.  Petros Father was there for the meeting.  He did not say anything.  About 50 persons were present in the meeting.  In the Congress Raj, according to the Constitution, all religions are free and, therefore, we have come to you to preach our religion and if you join the Christian religion, God will give you salvation from sin.  Congress Government is in raj, but if the raj is given to Catholics, we will not take it.  He denies the statements made by others previously.  There was gramophone and, therefore, children had come for the meeting,

Petros Uraon of Ratasili: On the 3rd June at 10 a.m. six to seven Hindus came in a jeep from Khatata.  They called the Fathers and said that they would destroy the houses and everything of Christians.  He is a Pracharak getting pay of Rs. 25.  My family is in Bihar. I have come here since the last seven months.  I was called by the Fathers.  Belongs to Catholic Church.

Mohararam Marwa of mouza Khajria: Missionaries visited several villages and also my village when there was cholera.  They asked us to join their religion and they would give free and good medicine.  They gave good medicines to Christians.  They took high prices from us.  They asked as to whether a man was Hindu or Christian before giving medicine.  Hindus did not get medicine.  They could get it only if they paid high prices.

Lohara of Jodhpur supports the above statement.

Jairam of Jawaharnagar (Christian): One Tiwariram, Hindu Pracharak, came one Sunday and told that he would not allow us to pray saying that lie was sent by Government for this.  We did not perform puja.  Reported the matter to Samri police station.  Ratiram, a Hindu Pracharak, had come through the headmaster of a school.  He asked �Why do you keep this (Jesus) photo? I will give you another Hindu photo�.  He took away the photo, but did riot give me another photo.  The matter was reported to Samri police station. I was converted to Christianity in Assam.  There also there is conversion to Christianity.  There the Father is Father Lewis of Catholic Mission.  Tiwari, master, is dead.  I had gone to Assam on agreement for three years.

Kandru of Kardar: Louis master was a Pracharak.  I had signed one paper through mistake, but did not want to become Christian.  So he told me that I should become a Christian.  He was threatened that he would be removed to jungle.  Father will rule.  Deputy Commissioner, Tahsildar and Inspectors were servants.  They will go away. Gaothia�s son is a Pracharak.  He said that he would shoot him.

Reverend Lakda: I am from Lutheran Mission and am an important office-bearer.  There is no Jharkhand movement here.  Lutheran population is divided in blocks.  Lutherans here do not share their opinion.  Catholics are also divided.  Both Catholics and Lutherans are divided on the question of Jharkhand and in both of them there are promoters of the movement.  It is not merely confined to our Lutherans only.  It is also the same case with Catholics.

European method of missionaries is that they have got a Home Board.  That sends missionaries and they are supported.  They settle down and then they begin to work.

The Gossner Lutherans have no money.  We have cut off our connections with foreign countries.  It is purely Indian.  Our method is first to have a Christian congregation.  If the village is nearby, the whole Christian congregation from one village goes to another village.  If the villagers want us, we go otherwise we do not go.  They always welcome us.  I have not come across any disapproval.  We start with Indian Bhajans.  We then explain in a very simple language about Jesus.  We do not criticise other religions.  Our headquarters is in Ranchi.  We do this group sending several times and then if the villagers are ready, we send our pracharak.  He begins to teach Luther�s catechism, 10 commandments.  So far I have not come across any opposition.  We would like to live peacefully with our Hindu friends.  We run schools.  We have got our High School near about Ranchi.  We have one school at Ichkela and Sarahpani.  We don�t issue pamphlets.  Our main support is Indian money.  We make an appeal and by way of Christian Charity, we get money sometimes from individuals, from societies.  Last year, we got about Rs. 60,000 for five provinces from Lutheran World Federation at Geneva.  There is a combined society called National Missionary Society.  Our church is autonomous.  We approached America through our executive board, and received Rs. 90,000 from U. S. A. for one year we received for Surguja area.  It is from the united body.  There is one authority here in Guntur in South India and he receives money for this area. From them we get the money.  We maintain accounts and they are audited.  There are 60 to 70 pracharaks of my mission for the Surguja area.  We pay about Rs. 40 to each pracharak (basic pay of Ranchi plus Surguja allowance). Roundabout 1,500 is the population in this area.  Pracharaks are trained mostly in Ranchi, and now we are training in Ambikapur.  We started with 15,000.  At Surguja, we have not yet started a regular school, except a Bible School.  We give Rs. 30 as pay to start with. We give from the Mission Fund and then we get it back from the Government when it is recognised.  They allow us to teach religion outside the school hours in the premises.  We get grants even though we are Christians.  There are four missions in this area-Dubki (Baptist) Mission, Roman Catholics, Mennonite and Lutheran. We have happy relations with others.  Mennonites have about dozen, Catholics a hundred, and the Swedish Mission in Baikunthpur, about half a dozen pracharaks.



The 11th June 1954.

Attendance-300.                    Villages - 19.

Twenty-seven signatories from Budhabagicha, Bisambharpur, Khodro, Pampaur, etc.

The signatories say that -

(1) adivasis are Hindus,
(2) Christians are not adivasis, and
(3) they do not want Jharkhand.

Attendance-300 (Four Christian Pracharaks and the rest Hindus).

Itwaram of Patratu: Christians say that Jharkhand Raj will shortly come and they will give cheap salt and cloth. Sankargarh preachers say this.

Solomon Minj of Roman Mission: I am a pracharak at Chargarh.  All pracharaks come from Jashpur.  I get Rs. 25 as pay. I do not preach Jharkhand.  There is one pracharak in each village.  The root (jad) of Christians is in Rome city.

Patel of Chargarh: The pracharak preaches prayers.  He does not say anything about Jharkhand.

Ramsahay Gond of Parsagudi: There is also preaching at Parsagudi about Jharkhand.  Birsahay is the name of the Pracharak. He says, �If you do not become Christians, we will call military forces to punish you�.

Kanhai of Karra, Uraon Gaotia: One Pracharak requested a house to live in during the rainy season, but I did not give.  The pracharak threatened me saying that I would come in difficulties.

Gahemram Gond of Ukhra: Complains against the Pracharak.  The Pracharak is paid Rs. 27 per month. Domnik, Pracharak, teaches girja. We refuse to learn.  He says, �It is your pleasure�. I have been sent by the Father for this.

Bonry of Ambikapur: The pracharaks are working since the last one and half years.  There are about ten houses in each village where the pracharaks are working.

Koyram of Lan, Uraon: Missionaries wanted to induce our children to become-Christians by affording them education facilities.  The pracharak in his village also talks of Jharkhand.

Sankram Gond of Parsagudi: We did not get cloth, food, etc.  Therefore, we were asked to become Christian so that we could get it.



11th June 1954.

Abstract of applications received on Tour

Names (if legible) and number of signatories, place, etc.
Names (if legible) and number of signatories, place, etc.
Catholic Christian Adivasi, Ambikapur. (No signatures). Denied charges of conversion by force or allurement, Jharkhand prachar and anti-national activities. Complaints that Hindus make propaganda against missionaries and cause disturbance to peace. They give open threats to Christians.
5 signatures, non-Christian. Jako, preacher, has written his name as Christian without consent and knowledge.
Janardanram Sahu, Basen Since Patel Kariram Uraon became Christian, he is trying to convert others also. There are several preachers in the village.
4 signatures Allurement of money generally. Ask for house to live in and also threaten.
6 from Sontarai Christian preachers live in large numbers. They trouble women of the village and show fear of police and father.
6 from Karabal Preacher from Raigarh came and said that he was sent by Government to convert people to Christianity.
Chunda Uraon from Deogarh. The pracharak lived in my house for 10 months. He is not prepared to leave it now. Once Father came and tried to convert people by showing allurement of money. As I refused to become Christian, my brother has been converted and they have created quarrelsome atmosphere in the family. Enquiries may be made in the village.
Pichhagaram from Deogarh Christians abuse Hindus and threaten to beat. Bolo, Pira and Etwa Uraons are their leaders. Some of the people named in the application are new converts and they trouble the women fold of the villages.
4 from Telaghar Women are misled by allurement of saree, oil and soap. If opposed, show fear of Father and police.
7 from Menpath Complaints against Petros, teacher. He has called two preachers Ellios and Alwins and one lady preacher Silena. Try to have immoral relations with women by showing them allurement of soap, saree and oil.
Sabhapati, Gram Congress Committee, Deogarh. Father spreads false rumours to convert people, shows inducement and talks of Jharkhand. If opposed, fear of gun and lathi is shown.
Tokriram, Dhelsara His daughter has been kidnapped by missionary preacher. When be approached the Father, he said that this was done because he did not embrace Christianity. Villagers will bear evidence to this.
Badoram Uraon, Councillor, Janapada Sabha, Ambikapur. Preachers say that they are Government servants and they are pled Rs. 25 per mensem each for preaching. They gather people by using gramophone, etc. They abuse Hindu religion and Congress Government. They threaten to beat by lathis or guns. Do mischief to women. Kheso and Raju Uraons are given every help by the Christians.
3 from Surbena A Christian missionary stays in the house of Bhagna Uraon. He has converted one Kandtu Uraon by force. He says Father will give money if you become Christian. If you don�t accept it, you will not remain in this raj.
Bhikhuram Bhagat, mouza Lajri. Bhikhuram Uraon has been converted by force.
2 from Karadand Kinthu Uraon, preacher, lives in Mangru Uraon�s house.  He says either become Christians or go away from the village.
Biganram Kisan of Madwa, Khasha Tapa, Madwa, thana Samri. Simon, preacher, said Father gives money and land. He asked people to embrace Christianity. After three days, he came with the intention of raising a quarrel.
4 from Ghughri, thana Three Samri. Christians came and said they were, Oraond. They were given water. In 1953 they got their topknots cut off and are harrassing the non-Christians to become Christians.  They have brought under cultivation all land including grazing land. An enquiry into the actions of these people may be held.
Aluwas Ram, mouza Surkai, district Palamu. Allurements shown to embrace Christianity and bad names called to Congress Government.
3 from Diwari Do.                 do.
6 signatures Complaints against Patel Rambin Baniya, Harchand Gond, Bigam Gond and Jagmohan Cherwa that they harass and beat and boycott socially. Also complains against Forest a Ranger. Desecrated place of worship.
Alwasram Pana, mouza Surkari. Alwis Christian, mouza Surkar, district Palamu, brought Father to Gopat, who tried to induce people to embrace Christianity.
Dharma Sabha, Pithora Dharmsabha, Pithora, resolved not to change religion (Hindu).
Mansap, Member of Semra Complaint against Patwari Undual Christian, who is giving applicant�s wadi to others. Requests enquiry.
4 non-Christians Complaint against Amtahi Father and Alwis Christian, preacher.  They apprehend unrest if activities of missionaries are not checked.
5 from mouza Korgha Father called names to Congress raj, and wrote his name without his will and consent forcibly.
20 signatures, tappa Magarpur, thana Sitapur. Allurement of money given.
4 from mouza Karadand Complaint against Shani and Anganu Uraors, that they threaten and ask to become Christians.
11 from mguza Madguri, tola Karadand. Allurement of money and threats of missionary raj.
Kanhai Ram Patel, Uraon, mouza Bhodgadi. Allurement of money, free education, 12 yards cloth per rupee and also threats of driving away.
4 signatures From durbar of Uraons three Christians took away the wife of Zakadu Uraon.  When they tried to rescue her, threw urine on their persons.  Matter reported to Patna thana, but no action so far.
4 from Kardand, tappa Madguri. Complaint against Satiram Uraon, patel, that he took signatures on one paper by force and later asked the signatories to become Christians as they had signed.  Shows disrespect for Government Officers.  Complaint already lodged with Deputy Commissioner in March.  Requests enquiry in the matter.
Zagarusinha, mouza Chando (calls himself a prominent leader of the village). Prabhudas pracharak took a procession raising anti-Hindu and pro-Ciiristian slogans. Police enquiry was held and this was proved to be true.
8 from mouza Bhulai Complaint against Domnik and Rohna Patel preachers.
21 from mouza Deori In 1953 Father from Ratasili induced people to use cattle resting place near Sarna for bazar.
16 signatures Padri from Khuntipara made discrimination in giving medicine when there was cholera in the locality.
Unsigned Complaint against Rohna and 12 other families of Uraon Christians that they let their animals, free and destroy his fields. Also complains against Patel that he got annoyed when requested to keep record of outsiders coming to the village, shouted out and gathered all Christians with a view to beat him. Report made to police thanComplaint against Rohna and 12 other families of Uraon Christians that they let their animals, free and destroy his fields. Also complains against Patel that he got annoyed when requested to keep record of outsiders coming to the village, shouted out and gathered all Christians with a view to beat him. Report made to police thana Samri.a Samri.
2 from Darndah Embraced Christinity by allurements, but after one month realised the deceit and reentered Hinduism.
Etwaram of Korandha, M.L.A., Janapada Councillor and 11 others. Father from Ratasili by name Francis Ekka was allowed to make a speech regarding his religion in one of the Hindu meetings. People did not appreciate his speech. He has converted the meeting place, Sarna and cattle resting place into bazar without permission from anybody. Matter reported to police.  If the Father is not prevented from his activities, there is likely to be danger to peace.
2 signatures A Christian preacher staying at Sukhrao Uraon�s house tries to mislead people. He creates disunity in the village and abuses people under introxiation.
Seven from Salwa Four Christian families in the village have brought road used by non-Christians under Kodo cultivation. Enquiry should be made about this. Their animals are also put in cattle-pound whenever found. Frequent troubles make life difficult to live for non-Christians.
13 from Singchora, thana Rajpur. Preachers show alluremert of money, land, speak of Jharkhand and also threaten that in Jharkhand lands of non-Christians will be looted.
11 from mouza Ladua, thana Rajpur. Show allurement of money, land, grain, handia and free education.
13 from moura Dignagar, thana Rajpur. Preachers show allurement of money, land, speak of Jharkhand and also threaten that in Jharkhand lands of non-Christians will be looted.
10 from mouza Khumri, thana Rajpur. Do.                  do.
3 from Shangargarh, mouza Ladwa. Show allurements of money, freedom from begar, handia and education.
11 from mouza Okara Preacher Konda alias Daundel Uraon shows allurement of land. He also threats that lands of non-Christians will be taken away.  Teaching of prayers goes on in the village by Chuis Uraon and Vokonda Uraon.
Kanhairair Gaotia Gives allurement of free education, revenue free land and also threats.
10 from mouza Karra, thana Rajpur. Bulchu Uraon has taken possession of Bamda Uraon, Sakindah�s land and also threatens other.  Nistar forest being cut and destroyed.
8 from mouza Ukawa, thana Ghorpur, district Surguja. Christian preachers say that they will give cloth, and free education. They also threaten that in Christian, raj Government officers will not trouble, they will ruin their cultivation. If they do not listen to this they will bring military.
10 from mouza Gopalpur, thana Rajpur. Allurement of grain and money for purchase of land and free education. Also threat that they will be looted if they do not become Christians.
2 signatures Daughter of one Korwa kidnapped. If necessary, enquiries may be maae to verify the truth. Had to pay fine of Rs. 300 to his castefellows.
2 signatures Wife of an Uraon, where a pracharak was putting-up for a month, was kidnapped. If necessary, enquiries may be conducted in Udunkela.
10 from mouza Baidhi, thana Rajpur. Allurement of land, and free education. Threat of taking away land in Jharkhand.
Ambikeshwar Sharan Singh, Chairman, Janapada and 69 others. Application from important non-Christians to be gone through in detail.
Representatives of Surguja DO.               do.
Aryabandhu, Wanprasthi Preacher, Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Madhya Pradesh, Nagpur. Arya Pratinidhi pracharak gives instances of missionary activities. Quotes instances of forcible conversion, money inducement by preacher, Government officers helping in conversion, kidnapping of girls, etc.
Digambar Kesheo Kulkarni, Ambikapur. Tried to take in their schools, more attention towards religion than education, students are gradually made to cat in a common (Christian) mess, and name is written first Oraon name and then Christian name calling him alias so and so. Christian name is used in practice. Remedies : No Christian school within a particular distance of Government school or non-recognition to other schools till demand on Government schools are full. Christians have opened patwari classes which help to spread religion. Government sho uld open patwari and technical schools. Loan advanced at high rate of interest and in difficult times recovery or conversion of family demanded.
Sukha, son of Sumarsahaya Uraon, mouza Narkeli, Korea sub-division. Remedy : Establishment of debt conciliation boards and action under Moneylenders� Act as they do not posses licences.  Government should open poor homes for orphans.
Dehur Uraon, Narkeli, thana and tahsil Baikunthpur. Dular was induced to become Christian and his wife was forcibly converted against her wish. She escaped Christians and has come to her father, who wants that his daughter should be taken to Hindu religion and action against Christian missionaries should be taken for the their acts.
4 signatures Furata was married to Dazaram�s son. Dasaram was induced to become Christian and later Funata was kidnapped by Anandmasih, son of Patras Ekka, pracharak. When questioned the father of the girl is told that the husband and wife have been to Ranchi for change of climate and they have been sent by church.  Requests action against the preachers.
5 from Salwa In Salwa several villagers have been converted by showing allurement. Christian�s kidnappe girls, gave allurements of land, hospital, school and education. They also threaten that if people do not become Christians willingly, they will have to become Christians compulsorily in Christian raj.
13 from Judar Village, Kadampara Dhodhapara, etc. Christians of Lutheran church of Baikunthpur have come to Salwa and have started converting people.  This has disunited villagers. Also general complaints.
12 from mouza Amgaon, thana, post and tahsil Baikunthpur. Christian activities have brought differences among villagers. Several crimes have been committed by Christians missionaries for which they have been fined.
Mansao Uraon, mouza Kanchanpur. Christians entered the village and did some forcible conversion. Anandmasih kidnapped Dasa�s daughter-in-law and Bikia�s daughter.
Evengelical Lutheran Church. General complaint that Christians wanted to make prachar but the villagers prevented them from doing so and Rev. Tigga quotes 11 cases of Hindu persecution.
Shri E. Raman, President, Evengelical Lutheran Church in Madhya Pradesh, Sagar. Shri Raman�s letter to say that activities of Christian missionaries in Sagar, Chhindwara and Betul districts are above board.
Members of Legislative Assembly and Janapada from Korea sub-division. Swedich Lutheran Mission very active in Baikunthpur tahsil. Their methods of conversion are very mean. In Salwa they threatened and forced. Two girls kidnapped.  Adivasis are made to'look to Christian Padris for their daily necessities. It is also understood that they get monetary help from Amerrica. There is prachar of Jharkhand party.  Disunity is being created among the Adivasi fold.



Attendance-300]                    [Villages--18.

Bhanduram Uraon of Bhagwanpur: I say I am Hindu.  Christians say that by being Christian, you will have less land revenue.  They say they are educated and wise, whereas Uraon�s are illiterate and therefore they are deceived by anybody.  My name is Bhanduram from my childhood. Jashpur people come to my village.  The pracharaks coming are Uraons.  There are six houses in my village.  No one in my village has become a Christian so far. Garhaipani, Batwabora and one more village have their camps.  They visit six times in a year.  They are coming since the last three years.

Brahmaprakash Gupta: Received information that Christians come and tell that you had been ill-treated by Hindus so long because their raj was there.  If you become Christian, you. will not be ill-treated.  Pracharaks say that they have been instructed not to talk to we (educated) people. They have been instructed to talk to adivasis only. I have not heard any meeting myself.  So far as I know there are no converts in my tahsil.  There were no Christians previously.  The objectionable things which they say are-(1) If you become Christians, the Christian fold will increase and we will be able to have Christian raj and you will be happy. (2) The Congress raj will be going shortly and the Christian raj is to come shortly; so if you become Christian, you will benefit. (3) You do not become Christian, and your land will be confiscated when there is Christian raj. (4) You will get many more facilities in Christian raj. (5) All the tall talk about budget provision for adivasis is only an eye wash and propaganda.  Tribal Welfare Department is starting schools registering names for giving loans.  There is no Hindu organisation doing welfare work for the adivasis.  Kisan Mazdoor Congress does some work in this direction.

V. N. Dube: A law student and a teacher.  Those who have become Christians have not done so for the sake of religion, because they are willing to come back.  A Christian comes and stays in the house of a mukhia and tries to win him over. I am told that some were given money (Rs. 5) not to restrict others from becoming Christians. 59 persons were converted in Ganjhadeo which is six mills from Ambikapur.  Roman Catholics and Lutherans are active there.  They were converted during the last three years.  I do not know when exactly they were converted. One teacher of Ganjhadeo named Maniram has been made a preacher and he is paid Rs. 30 per month.  Whole families were converted.  There was no opposition in the beginning.  But later on I understood from the patel that he was again reconverted.  In Ratasili I met Father Francis Ekka, Roman Catholic.  Hi said that Uraons are not Hindus.  There is Mundan Sanskar in Uraons like Hindus.  Haldi is also practised in Uraons like Hindus.  The bridegroom applies Sindoor to bride. Uraons have gotras.  Sagotra vivaha (marriage in the same gotra) is not performed in Uraons.  He said that Uraons eat beef.  I said that some of the Chamars do it.  Francis said Uraons are buried after death.  But so far as my information goes, still today Uraons burn their dead bodies.  One Roman Pracharak of Jamdi said he would die for religion and not for nation.  Objectionable features of missionaries are as follows.  They are purchasing land in large quantities in villages showing thereby that they are rich and tell them that you become Christians and we will give the land to you.  In marriages.  Christians try to make one party Christian, and they compel the other party to be converted.  Ganga Dashhara is observed on the banks of a tank or river.  They immerse tribal head dress (Marriage) and other things in the river.  They think the water as pure as the Ganges.  Christians show that they are rich. They tell the people that we will advance money.  They take their names. They say they will not take interest. Those who are given money, are asked to attend church.  Christians say that shortly they will have Father or Christian Raj and they will be driven out and only the Christian will remain there. Others will be driven away. I have heard this. Preachers flatly deny this.  All preachers know what is Jharkhand. Christians thought that with the abolition of States, they would be able to convert people to Christianity and have their own raj. Shri Jaipal Singh is the president of that party. They think of taking all the merged States in one zone. Here the tribals are in a large number.  I saw a Pracharak speaking to 10 to 12 villagers.  When I went there, he kept mum.  Father Wanra said, �I do not support Jharkhand movement, but I cannot say what my men talk�.  He said that Lutherans are in favour of it.  My impression is that the Lutheran and the Catholics are both in favour of it. They have divided the area according to the various missions and they are all working in co-operation, though they do not show it openly.

Aryabandhu from Aryapratinidhi Sabha: I heard that there was an agreement between the Roman Catholics and Lutherans to work in particular areas.  Lutherans get financial aid from the Roman Catholics.  Salbha village is about five miles from Baikunthpur, where choti was cut off forcibly. Names of persons who were convicted for forcible conversion shown.  He gives a number of complaints from se

VINDICATED BY TIME - The Niyogi Committee Report On Christian Missionary Activities

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