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District Bilaspur


The 19th July 1954.

Abstract of applications received on tour

Names (if legible) and number of signatories, place, etc.
Nature of complaint and request
Shri S. P. Konher, Tilak nagar, Bilaspur. Activities of Christians are anti-national. Hindi songs in English style, English manners, translation of bible in faulty Hindi. Non-Christians given inferior treatment. Bible classes compulsory.
Chhabaldas s/o Ottanmal, Sindhi Colony, D. 14, Bilaspur. A sufferer of epileptic fits. Does not want help from mission. Requests maintenance allowance or compensation of his verified claims.
Uditnarayan Mishra, P. O. Pendra, Ex-Teacher. After 20 years, removed from service. When requested to send for training, was informed that mission does not allow non-Christians to be sent for training. Gita and Ramayana teaching was done by me as remarked by Shri Mehta, D. I. S. Therefore I was removed from service. Government permission not taken for removing me. I may be ordered to be reinstated in service.
Nilkanth Krishnarao Diggraskar, Pradhan, Arya Samaj, Bilaspur City. Six examples given of how advantage is taken of miserable, ignorant and poor people for conversion. Also suggests some remedies for solving the problem.
Bajrang Prasad Muraraka, L. M. P., Private Medical Practitioner, Sadar Bazar, Bilasput, M. P. Help received by them from America.  Four missions, viz.  Disciples Christ Mission, Church of Christ Mission, Evangelical Mission, Mennonite Mission, working in the district with centres at Takhatpur, Jarhagaon, Mungeli, Fastarpur, Setganga, Pendra, Champa, Paraghat and Baitaipur.  Baptisma register, Books, school or boarding house register, loan register of Mrs. Plad and Makgebura of Champa, Jarhagaon, Baitaipur and of other schools should be seen by the committee itself.  Arbitration proceedings of 1946 from Baitalpur by Shri Khistic E.-A. C., should be scrutinised.  Some remedies to check their activities also suggested.
Trimbak Yadeo Dehankar, Advocate, Tilaknagar, Bilaspur. Christians have employed the methods of inducement, tyranny and show of authority for conversion purposes. They have helped foreigners to rule our country, and have created a feeling of inferiority complex and internal differences. Suggests non-entry of foreign missionaries and the despatch of existing persons from India. Also Indian control over Christian funds and activities.
Shri Ramacharan Rai, President, M. C., Bilaspur and other citizens. Conversion through religious preachings, political means and social disunity. Methods are through hospitals, hatred of other religious service allurements and. financial aid for litigation. Indian culture is being destroyed and foreign culture spread in various ways Replies given to allegations made by Christians.  Some suggestions also given for checking missionary activities.
Shri M. K. Chitale, Pleader Missionaries offer temptations of various nature. No foreign missionary should be allowed to come to India hereafter.  They should not be allowed to open institutions of social service. Existing institutions should be taken over by Government.  Has not much grievance against Indian Christians.
Shri C. M. Otalwar, Advocate, Shri Ramkrishna Pande, Editor Parakram, and five others. Mission institutions should not be given Government grants. Missionaries are taking active part in politics. They get money from America. Some suggestions are made to Government regarding how missionary activities should be checked. (One application from Padmabai Thakur also attached wherein she complains that she was forcibly converted and married to a Christian.  She has been deprived of her land tnd earnings.).



The 19th July 1954.

Chairman introduced the members of the committee and explained the purpose of the enquiry and the committee�s visit.

Shri Verma, Advocate: Missionaries do three things mainly-conversion by inducements of treatment in hospital, financial help, and taking advantage of the conditions of ignorant people, scheduled caste people.  Dr. Sukhanandonji has been converted and he has become successful because of his conversion and the facilities given by Christians.  Expression of wealth is shown in Dr. Sukhanandanji. It is not an expression of religion.  Stress is laid on female education cause thereby anti-national culture is spread in the homes.  When there was English Raj, there was worship of English.  Now that they have gone, the missions worship American Government.  The missions in this district are all American. �When you were hungry, America used to give food and also now it gives money for development of your country�, say the missionaries.  They also say that Indian leaders don t accept arms, otherwise Indians could also have been armed as Pakistanis. I have certain letters published by the Gass Memorial of Raipur. I will give the issue to the committee.  In that issue it is asked where Christians should go ultimately? There must be a Raj of their own.  Where there is majority ff them in the neighbouring districts, they openly demand a Raj for themselves.  They do all this with the financial support received by them from America. All are Christians in their institutions.  In Sawra school (Pendra Road), there was a Hindu (Brahmin) teacher.  He started Ramayana classes in the school, because the District Inspector of School had made a remark that all should have free access to religion they like.

Shri Mishra: I joined service after passing F.A. in 1951 when District Inspector, Mr. Mehta, remarked that Bible class is not compulsory for all and that those who wish to attend Ramayana and Geeta, should be given that teaching.  Bible was compulsory for all. I was removed from service on the ground that I was an untrained teacher after serving there for 20 years. My juniors were sent for training. I will send their names and can also identify the persons.  When I wrote to the authorities that I would file a suit against them, I was given Rs. 1,300. I used to teach Hindi, History and Geography.

Shri Maqbul Massih: His work was not satisfactory.  There were regular reports of his coming late to school.

Miss Shah: I was in the school for four years from 1936 to 1940.  The teacher was not maintaining good discipline.  He was kept in the school, because the authorities wanted to keep some Hindu teacher.

Shri Verma: A popular school principal of the mission school wanted that there should be no competitive school in Bilaspur, but the municipal committee opened a school.  The principal created several obstacles in the way of the school with the help of the inspecting staff and Government officers, who were Europeans.  I had to go myself to get recognition of the school in 1942 from Government.

Shri Ramkrishna Pandye: Arya Dharma Seva Sangh opened 10 hospitals and 25 primary schools in 1945 with the object of counteracting Christian religion and spreading Arya Samaj.  Mr. Franklin, present D.P.I., issued a secret circular saying that no Government officer should inspect the schools or hold examinations.  I was at the same time asked to get the school recognised, but I did not care for that as I did not like to get myself bound to certain rules of Government.  My boys could get admission to middle schools on their ability being tested by headmasters of the schools.  This is admissible under the Education Manual.

Trimbakrao, Pleader: The object of missionaries in converting people is to destroy their religion, and to denationalise them.  They also spread the spirit of inferiority complex.  People became Christians during famine times, not by conviction but to answer the call of their belly.  The motive may look religious, but really speaking their motive is political. Rajkumari Amrit Kaur was brought by local missionaries.  A Central Minister should not do like this.

Shri Verma: Miss Elliot, an American, was the principal of the Burgess Memorial School in 1949.  She did not grant holiday and observe 15th August.  Two Hindu girls reported the matter to their parents.  They informed important persons here like Dr. Rai, President of the municipal committee. On making a reference to Miss Elliot, she replied that their school was governed by the American Council. Her reply and papers in this connection are available in D.S.E.�s office and the school office. This may be a case of 1948 or 1949.  Dr. Roy played a trick and indirectly compelled Miss Elliot to take part in the functions by declaring a holiday.

A girl: Through some mistake and misunderstanding, the holiday was not declared in the morning.  But this was declared in the evening.  All the correspondence is in the school and in the Inspector�s office.

Kashiram Tiwari:  My daughter was learning in Miss Mahanti�s school.  I changed the school to Burgess Mission High School.  There was non-Christian teachers in certain mission schools.  Rev. H. R. Ferger of Calcutta, Mr. Maqbul Massih and Myself were together. American money has started denationalising us.  American missionaries spend money ant Indians do prachar. In Marwahi tract a Marwari�s son was ill. Doctor demanded Rs. 100, but the missionaries helped him.  In Takhatpur there was cholera. Nobody came to help.  The missionaries rendered help.

Ladharam, President, Arya Samaj, Bilaspur: There was no Christian in Surguja before 1947.  Conversions go on with the aid of American money.  When I was travelling in a lorry, a girl spoke that she got saree, sandals and good dress on conversion. Her friends were from Baitalpur.  Nawalram, and Arya Samajist from Sindh, said that his wife became ill in 1951. No action was taken in the hospital.  Missionary hospital gave good medicine and she was cured.  My wife wanted to go to sing bhajan and she asked me, but I did not allow her as I did not like it.

Uttalwar of P.S.P.: Several lakhs of rupees came from America within four months. Two lakhs in Takhatpur for rural development.  This can be verified from post offices.  When some help was asked by others, they were informed that their rural development was different. 4 new churches have been constructed.  In the name of social education, huge sums are given.  In obstruction cases in Takhatpur, water is given.  In Kewatdandri, Ratiram�s son has been Christianed.  Money is advanced without interest with special attention to satnamis, and advantage of their scheduled castes is taken.  Christians helped Ratiram�s son in litigation, and now he has been converted.  In Lata also, similar things happen. Quarrels are deliberately created and litigation is done. In Suman Khetan, Mowhadi and Koylani, boys are tempted. Oone of the victims is son of Bitandas.  His name is Bijhuram and another is Ramdin kachhi.

Rev. Gurbachansingh: Sardar Diwansingh has written an article. We have not written any article. It has been simply reproduced. My children�s names are Panjabis.  My name is Panjabi. I will send the article to the committee.

Girls�s School: 250 students in all. Results are always more than 90 per cent.  There is a hall with pictures of Hindu Gods where Hindu girls can pray.  There are 27 non-christians in the boarding.  Mostly outside girls reside who are Christian. Local girls are almost Hindus.

Hospital: There is a small church in the hospital.  Every day prayers are offered before starting Work. Those who desire are allowed to attend.  No patients are taken free. For poor Christian patients, church makes payment. Rs. 76,000 is the annual expenditure. The hospital is practically self-supporting. 4000 is the annual grant from church. There are no catholic nurses. 49 nurse students. No Hindu nurse students. None have come in spite of efforts.  Posters on walls from bible teachings.  All nurse students are Christians.  No stipend, but very little pocket money is given.  Books on religions other than Christian are in the Nurses library. Dining hall for nurse students is in Indian style.



The 20th July 1954.

Abstract of applications received on tour

Names (if legible) and number of signatories, place, etc.
Nature of complaint and request
Sheoprasad Ojha, Mungeli. A letter from Ramju pastor enclosed which shows attitude of Christians towards Gandhiji.
Thakur Dani, President, Pandariya Jansangh Mandal and other office bearers. Large-scale conversion took place in famine and flood of 1910. The object is to create extra-territorial aligeiance to foreign country. Meaning and work of Mandli explained. Students are brought up under the guidance of Americans. American missionary is always the head of department.
Nandkishore S/o Mathura Prasad Tiwari, Mungeli. My son has been converted by allurements of marriage and sending to America.
Residents of Mungeli tahsil (55 signatures). Majority is of satnamis and there are no adequate communications.  Advantage is taken of this situation.  They took advantage of floods of 1910 and consequent femine.  Disregard for India and affiliation towards America created in the minds of converts.  Missioneries work is purely anti-national.
Ramkrishna Pandye, Mungeli. Mainly complaint against hospital.  Mobil vans (hospital) used to make prachar and show allurements.



The 20th July 1954.

Hospital: A big picture painted, outside India of Jesus healing a patient, at the entrance of the hospital building.

Gupta from Jansangh: Gives out a summary of what he has stated in his application.  Mungeli is a centre, where people have been converted in the past taking advantage of famines.  There are American missionaries almost everywhere.  There are four of them at Mungeli.  They say there is ghost in the top-knot.  Conversion is done through inducement.  One Jurekha of Seetaldha expired.  The dead body was not allowed to be taken away without paying the amount. Create confidence towards America and disregard toward India. Christians form a circle by themselves, forming their own servants, etc. Christians form a Mandli (a sort Church council).  Such an atmosphere is created that people become Christian.

Gangaprasad Tiwari of Mungeli: I am a Pracharak of Christianity. I became a Christian willingly. My father is a Hindu. I became a Christian by conviction. I do not receive any pay. Two C. I. Ds. were after me in Surguja. God gives me money through his men.

Nandkishore Tiwari: I am 66. This is my only son.  He was tempted to marry a girl. A girl was produced in my presence.  These people say that since my only son is a Christian, I should also become a Christian; but I do not want to change my religion at this age and I am proud of my own religion.

A Pracharak: We do not give any inducement of money, women, etc.

Sheoprasad Ojha, Mungeli: A pastor, Sunderlal, from a church had sent a, letter to the congress committee making certain complaints. On 30th January 1949 Gandhiji was called bad names in a church.  This letter shows disregard of Christians towards Gandhiji.

Massih: Sunderlal is man who does not deserve to be kept in service.  He has been removed from service. I do not know anything about the incident.

John Massih: Laldin was requested by Sunderlal to make prayer for Gandhiji�s soul. Laldin told him that he himself was-sinner and therefore, he could not pray for Gandhiji.  There were reports against Sunderlal and therefore he was removed from service.

Ramkrishna Pande: I used to give money to Gangaprasad Tiwari. When he goes to Bilaspur, he tells people that he is very poor and his parents are blind.



The 20th July 1954.

Attendance-300.                              Villages-25

Bhagawat Prasad: Population of this place is about 1,000, out of whom 20 are Christians.  Pendradi is a mission village nearby.

Rajendralal, head of the local school: There is a primary and a middle school. Both Christians and non-Christians learn there. Fee is Rs. 2-6-0 for everybody. 24 Harijans, 3 aborginals and 52 non-Christians were in middle school last year.  Two aboriginals getting Government scholarship; one is satnami. Eight students are free. There is no full freeship. About 10 people are those whose fees are paid by the church. 10-30 to 11 is devotional scripture. In all, there are six teachers.  No non-Christians teacher. I am a born Christian. All are trained teachers. Boys from 18 villages come here.

Chairman explained the purpose of the meeting.

Patel of Kona: There are schools here, but nobody has been 'converted from the schools.

Headmaster: The boarding fee is 16 seer chawal or four seer dal.

Sheoprasad: There is much work of American missionaries here.  Bible is taught for one hour, prayer of Jesus first. All photos of Jesus in the school.  There are 4,500 Christians here.  When there is litigation, the parties go to Padris and help them on the condition that they become Christians.

Ramjiwan: In Kewatadebri Ratiram�s son became Christian.

Benimadhoji (Ratiram�s son): I have not been given any inducement.  I have changed my religion willingly. I was thinking of doing so since the last 15 years.  I embraced Christianity on 30 November 1952. I took baptism openly and I had invited important persons for this. I had printed about 600 invitations for the purpose. I am married. I have four children.  My wife�s age may be 30 years. I had three children when I became Christian. I was baptised by Padri Meghawaram in Kewatdebri.  He was here for about eight years.  Before 15 years I got liking for Christianity. There was a blind Pracharak in Baitalpur. I purchased copy of Bible in Hindi from him. I read it and took interest in Christianity. I became Christian after three years of the death of my father. I had invited 550 persons for baptisma. My father�s mahantagiri does not exist now. I had printed a small book why I became Christian. I am educated up to 4th class. I wrote the book myself and got it printed at Jabalpur mission press. I distributed copies of the books to Christians only. The name of the book is �Muze Satnam aur uski Budhi Pothi Mil Gai�, (Tahsildar to get the book and send copies to the members from the author). I am not treated as a Mahant.



The 20th July 1954.

Abstract of applications received on tour

Names (if legible) and number of signatories, place, etc.
Nature of complaint and request
Thirth S/o Rampratap Inducement of Rs. 100 was shown and I became a Christian, but the promise has not been fulfilled.
Adhin Isai Parsinya S/o Ramcharan Satnami. Mugoran promised to give 200 on conversion, but on becoming Christian he did not fulfil his promise.
Dharma and Ramprasad satnamis, Jarhagaon. Government aided middle school makes partiality in Christian and non-Christian students and there is prayer of Jesus in the school.
Residents of Samdil Mouza Lauda, Fulwari, Padampur, tahsil Mungeli residents. Inducements of money and help from America. Pastors come and give inducements to become Christains and praise America.
Ramashankar Bajpai, Takhatpur. Am prepared to give evidence regarding partiality in hospitals, recovery of 2 annas from Hindus, no admission to Hindus in boarding schools and prayers of Jesus and abuse of Hindu Gods.
Tugan Satnami Quarrel between malguzars and kisans. Kisans informed that they would get help if they become Christians. We did not become Christians. Therefore they are annoyed with us. They have constructed a church over my land without my consent. My application to the court, was dismissed as not proved. It is impossible for me to live in the village and therefore I am staying in another village at present. I request due help.
Sammu Complaint against Mission Hospital, Takhatpur, that they use it for conversion purposes.
Illegible Partial treament in schools of Jarhagaon. Missioneries take advantage of Converting Indian people like Dr. Sukhandan. We understand they receive money from America and they praise that country very much. There should be strict control over these Institutions.
Shri S. Maqbul-Massih, Co-ordinator, Abundant Life Programme, Takhatpur, M. P. No truth in the statement that two lakhs have come from America to bribe people here. Gives a complete idea of the abundant life programme of adult literacy, economic uplift through agriculture and. horticulture, public health and recreation.
Christian Workers in the Takhatpur area. Christiari missionary activities in this area in church, primary and middle school, agriculture extension centre, hospitals and a point four programme of adult literacy, public health, agricultural uplift and recreation.  In answer to allegations, we state that we did not take part in subversive activities, political or extra religious.  We do not bribe.  Our relations with non-Christians are quite cordial.  We do not believe in making allegations and applications unnecessarily.  Sub-Inspector of Police Station, Takhatpur harrasses Christians by calling them 12 miles and detaining them unnecessarily and by taking their thumb impressions on some paper.
About 200 signatures from residents of Takhatpur. Funds received from America are utilised for conversion of people. Inducements are given. Women who have quarrels with their husbands are converted. Inducements of social education, litigation, young girls, etc.
Residents of Takhatpur (56 signatures). Methods of conversion and working of Takhatpur centre given in brief.  10 categories of persons converted and how they are converted is given in a chart attached to the application.

Dr. in charge of St. Luke�s Hospital: The hospital was established 16 years back, by the Disciples of Christ Church. It is an American mission.  About a dozen preachers attached to this centre.  One preacher is in charge of his own community in a village.

Mr. Maqbul Massih: There is a congregation of 700 spread over about 40 villages.  We have churches in villages also. Lata Church built about 12 years ago.  Kewatadabri Church built two years ago.  Third is under construction. There is a primary school and a Hindi-English middle school at Motimpur.  Pendradi has the largest number of Christians.  It was purchased about 50 years ago and is mostly inhabited by Christians.  Kewatadabri, six miles from here, is another village like this, and most of them are born Christians. 50:50 is the proportion of Christians and non-Christians. About 60 persons are converted during the last four years. Perhaps, as equal number has gone back too.  Ninety-eight per cent of the converts have come from Satnamis.  I have been working in this area for the last 20 years. Christians are mostly agriculturists.  I am a co-ordinator of Adhik Jiwan Yojana (Abandant Life Programme). It is four point programme in adult literacy, public health, agriculture and horticulture help and recreation.  My wife and I were in United States. We were asked by our mission here and the Home Board in America to run the programme.  Main reason for Communism is the conditions under which people live.  They have this programme in various countries.  One church in America became interested in this.  They give money for this.  The money does not come through post offices. It comes through banks.  The American church undertook to send 10,000 dollars a year or roughly Rs. 45,000.  Our main church is in Jabalpur.  This is for Madhya Pradesh. 38,000 has been used in Takhatpur.  We pay salaries to our workers out of this fund.  They are known as Gaonsathis.  We get all our material from Allahabad Literacy House and from Jamia Milia from Delhi.  In the library, you will not find a single Christian Book.  The main interest is building a defence against Communism.  In recreation, workers are provided with volley ball, kabaddi, etc. We have over nine villagers active in 12 villages.  We go to the patel and influential persons n a village and we tell them that this is our programme.  In most places the patel himself has given a room.  We have no non-Christian workers.  We have got forms for survey, certificate, etc.  We have a standard by which we declare workers.  No local contribution has yet come.  We are not asked for it.  We do not distribute money, but we give payment of salary. I am in charge of the scheme.  We have up till now engaged Christians. I attended certain seminars in America.  They have a country agent in each.  Six weeks is the time of the period of training.  Matriculate boys get Rs. 40 and dearness allowance of Rs. 30 as our teachers.  For, 10th pass we give Rs. 60.  We encourage them to study further.  Persons are employed while under training, and they continue even after that.  In all, about 25 persons are working on the staff.  I do not know that will happen after five years when American help will he stopped.  We hope the people under the scheme will be able to carry on after five years independent. We were not able to give them special training in public health. Dr. Donald T. Rice from Damoh is coming here to impart instructions in that. He was trained in America in public health.  The mission board which gives the money is the University Christian Church in Seattle.  We are going to have preventive things-instructions on sanitation.  Dr. Rice will be here one week. He will give instructions and practical working, in combating of epidemics, hook worm, etc. My wife is in charge of literacy.  She was principal of a Hindu school in Agra for a number of years.  We have no Communists in our part. I spoke to Deputy Commissioner before starting my scheme.  We do not mix religion with this programme.

Chairman explained the purpose of the Committee and requested the people to live peacefully and in co-operation.

Shri Otalwar: Contradicts statements made by Shri Massih.  The chief of the mission is not Massih, but some Europeans and Americans.  We have given names of these persons.  One American woman is in charge of this area.  Five new churches are being constructed.  We have given details of them.  The Committee should inspect Mahajan Fund, Tahkhana, below office building. Ornaments are kept in this.  Money is lent, and when they are unable to pay, they are converted. Gold was sold from this Tahkhanan by Macforger Padri and it was not recorded in the books.  He sold gold of the value of Rs. 2,000.  Armoury may also be kept in Tahkana. Full details of the villages, and their roads are kept by these foreign missionaries.  There is an increase in the amount being received from 1950 from America.  Tourists from America had come here from 1945.  I do not know whether Takhatpur is a place for tourists.  Why should tourists come to Lata and Kewatadabri.  Ratiram's son was promised that he would be taken to America, but he wants that his wife should also be taken to America.  They do not want to take her.  Persons embracing Christianity again come back to Hinduism.  This shows that they do hot become Christian by conviction.  In Motimpur they convert people and create quarrels.  They also influence Government officers.  The foundation stone of this hospital was laid by R. B. Chandorkar and Government paid Rs. 10,000 to the hospital.  I heard prayers myself in the hospital.  In Nawapara Mouza Jewra there was fire and famine.  Mission went there and asked those people to become Christian first and then they would be given help.  Macgowan took help with him, but first condition for help was conversion.  American mission is spreading bitterness amongst communities on a large scale.  You can get enquiries made by C. I. D. of the missions working secretly here. 90 per cent of the patients are given medicine only if they undertake to become Christians.  Manglu from Tihla was a patient of Garmi.  He was asked to become Christian and he agreed.  After seven injections he was asked finally and he became christian, after which he got 8th injection.  There is 'a hospital here where a family has been admitted only on conversion.  It is learnt that America gives 500 per person converted.  Tungan�s land has been forcibly taken for church in kewatadabri.  No Government official or non-official has been taken in the Abundant Life Programme. Work has been started in 18 villages and there is a man and a woman in each village.  Discrimination between Christian and non-Christian patients, in regard to medicines which have come to them free of taxes.  There is also a Philadelphia Fund.  If a patient does not become Christian, he is not so much cared for in the case of satnamis and poor persons.  Two annas per person recovered from non-Christians.  One family has been converted in Takhatpur recently.  Grant has been given by Government to Motimpur high school and it has not been given to the school opened by general public of Takhatpur.  There are communists in Janjgir and Akaltara, but there is no communist in Takhatpur.  Then why work for fighting them? Christians were the best opponents of Congress in Pendra Road in Kota constituency. All of them said that they will act according to the wishes of Padri.  They have got a strict discipline.  Padri commands them and their works. There are about three to four dozen Christians in this centre.  They should take us on their committees, and there should be audit of accounts. Government should break the iron curtain in Takhatpur.

Tularam Pracharak: Because Hindus do not get good treatment, they become Christians.  I tried to find out the reasons for calling Satnamis. I became a Christian in Lata. I came to Sam Padri, and got myself converted.  Before getting converted, I tried to learn the principles of Christianity. I get Rs. 85. as pay. My age is 45.

Govind of Bhatni: I became Satnami from Christianity.  I did not get cultivation that was promised to me and, therefore, I came back to Hinduism again. I changed my name from Masi to Masidas. Now, we are allowed to take part in religious activities.  Formely, they did not allow.  Satnamis are now using Janava and Chandan and there is not so much bad treatment as before.

Tungan: MacGower has deprived me of my house and I was told that, if I became a Christian, I could get the land. 

Budhu and Amoldas of Kewatdabri have been tempted, of giving beautiful girls.

Mr. Massih: Moneylending is done from out of current fund. I do not know how much about it.



The 20th July 1954.

Abstract of applications received on tour

Names (if legible) and number of signatories, place, etc.
Nature of complaint and request
A. B. Ratnam, P. S., Civil Court, Bilaspur. Complaints against Shri Mohan, Headmaster, M. S. C., Mission High School, Bilaspur. Prepared to give more instances and evidence.



Chairman explained the purpose of the committee.

Jugalkishore Tiwari of Guthia: Teaching of Bible in schools and prayers in hospitals as methods of conversion.  Children not admitted to schools if they do not agree to study Bible in Baitalpur school. This is a matter of two months. Allurement of marriage and service, etc.  Difference in the rates charged to Christian and non-Christian patients. I was ill in this hospital before two years.  I was charged heavily.

Dr. Singh: There is one leper hospital, one general hospital, a middle and a primary school run by the missionaries at Chandkhuri.

Girdharilal of Narayanpur: Poor lepers are treated when they become Christians, otherwise not.  Now there are not so many Pracharaks. There are inducements, but no force.  Well-to-do persons pay the hospital charges.

Dr. I. D. Mehtani of leprosy hospital: There is a capacity of 733 beds in the hospital; at present there are 585 in-patients.  There are temporary and permanent admission. Highly infectious cases are given permanent seats. We do not use force for conversion. There is prayer before we start our work in the morning. 108 patients are Christians 60,000 is the grant per year received from Government.  Capitation grant is 10 per head.  Rs. 17-8-0 is given for Government beds.  There are 60 Government beds. At present about 42 Government beds are occupied.  This year there are four cases of conversion of patients while in hospital.  No partiality in treatment.  Expenditure per head is Rs. 19-12-0 per month this year.  Out of this Rs. 10 is given by Government since April.  We do not take anything from patients.  In private wards the patients may spend anything. Rs. 9-12-0 is spent by the mission and Rs. 10 is given by Government.  London is the headquarter of the mission.  Money is received quarterly from there.  There are about 30 members on the staff. They are all Christians.  At the request of individual patients, pastors go to them.

The leper home was visited.  It was told that church is fundamental.  The management is under a pastor.  One (non-Christian) patient was given chloroform or certain operation today.  When he came to conscience, he was saying �Oh Jesus, where are you�.



Abstract of applications received on tour

The 21st July 1954.


Names (if legible) and number of signatories, place, etc.
Nature of complaint and request
Shri Theble Uraon, ex-M.P., Ranchi (Bihar). Conversion of adivasis by Bible teaching, drama staging (text given in the application), help in litigation, money-lending, marriage temptations and other means.
58 signatures from Gaurelia Preference to Christian students and teaching of religion in mission middle school.  Need for opening of a school to allow the number which remains to be admitted to mission school.
15 signatures Complaint against Suman Khetan girls� school.  All staff in T. B. hospital is Christian.  Committee should see the patients personally in camera.  Advantage of poor patients taken in conversion.
Samayalal Jasowal, Pendra Road. Inducement shown to marry Christian girl Urmila.  Refusal to marry and get converted has come in my way of going for training.  D. I. S.�s inspection note of 1951-52 may be perused.  Temptations of higher pay, etc., given for conversion.  Requests Government to send him for training and give employment.



The 21st July 1954.

There are three institutions run by missionaries here-Girls� school with boarding, one primary school, and one dispensary. There are 150 girls in Suman Khetan (including primary school) boarding. Majority are Christians.  There is no non-Christian school staff, but the sanatorium has non-christian staff.  There are three Pracharaks at Pendra Road.  The castes living here are Gond, Panka, Bhaina, Teli, Ahir and Harijans.

Chairman explained the purpose of the meeting, and object of the enquiry.

Jaiswal: I was a teacher for three years in mission school. I was appointed in place of Mishra (the one who complained at Bilaspur).  My pay is Rs. 35 plus Rs. 8 dearness allowance.  Others (Christians) get Rs. 30 as dearness allowance. I was influenced to marry a girl here, who was a teacher in the school; but I refused.  D. I. S. Mehta had remarked that I should be sent for training, but the headmaster, Mr. Arthur did not send my name in spite of his promise.  This I knew from Bilaspur through unofficial sources.  He wanted that I should become a Christian before going for training.  This was in 1932. I was in service for three years.  Other servants from non-Christians were employed in the school for a few months.  After that they were asked to become Christians or else they were to lose their jobs. During the period I was in the school, there was no conversion of boys to my knowledge. I had not given any application regarding my rejection for training.

Shri Arthur: If had recommended Jaiswal�s application but he was not selected.  Therefore I was helpless. I had sent his name to the D. I. S. I never asked him to become Christian.  Mr. Mehta did write about Geeta and Ramayana classes and I asked Mr. Mishra to hold the class, but he was never regular for the class. The class had, therefore, to be closed.  His work was not satisfactory, and therefore, he was removed from service. His being relieved from service, has nothing to do with conducting Ramayana classes. Unless we have a Hindu teacher on the staff we cannot have these classes.  But if the D. I. S. wants that to be done, we will have no objection.  We have no bible teaching.  There is also no special period for moral teaching.  That is taught along with other lessons.

Shri Ramkrishna Pandye: People from surrounding villages have no intimation of the committee�s visit to this place.  We do not want that those institutions which receive Government grant, should make Prachar of Christianity.  A Christian brought recommendation from Dr. Sukhanandan of Mungeli on the 7th July and he was admitted to the hospital.  Shri Francis says that Dr. Sukhanandan is not in India at present.

Shri M. R. Konher: Thoke Pleader�s son, M. K. Thoke, a T. B. patient from Bemetara, had complained to Government that there is no good treatment to non-Christian patients in 1948-49.  He was turned out of the sanatorium for this and he died in 1950-51.

Shri Massih: There is no truth in the statement that T. B. patients are asked to become Christians.  The figures themselves would prove this. There was some trouble in 1950-51 of which an enquiry was made by Government.

Yunus pracharak: We have no hatred for any religion.  During the last 30 years in Jyotipur church I have not heard or seen a single baptisma, except only one man who had come from outside.

Shri Ganeshprasad: A Christian Gentleman said that there will be Christian Raj as there is Pakistan. We shall give proof of it in due course.

Tarachand of Torwa, Bilaspur (in the evening, questions put by the Chairman at the request of Swami Ramanuj Saraswati): On 3rd September 1953 I was admitted to the sanatorium. As some of my relative had expired at that time, I had no hair on my head and I looked a pucca Hindu. Kanny Ruth, a woman missionary, comes to the sanatorium and introduces herself by distributing copies of Bible, etc. She says �sachha rasta dikhanewala yahi rasta hai�. They gave me good treatment.  They demanded Rs. 7,000 for recreation club from me.  I demanded part in the management, which was refused. I was discharged from the sanatorium on 7th February 1954.  All entertainment programmes in the sanatorium are regarding Christian religion. I left sanatorium of my own accord, and therefore, perhaps they are not on good terms with me.



The 22nd July 1954.

Abstract of applications received on tour

Names (if legible) and number of signatories, place, etc.
Nature of complaint and request
Girdharilal Tiwari, Bharat Gram, P. O. Champa, district Bilaspur, M. P. Conversion of poor patients by indirect coercion and temptation. Request to visit all mission and leprosy homes and hospitals. A letter of marriage by force with a Christian attached. (Complained regarding non-acknowledgment of the receipt of his letter).
Shuklu Suryavashi, Janjgir, Bhatapara. My son had been kidnapped and converted. I had given notice of my son�s disappearance in newspapers and also complained in the Assembly through Paliwal. Requests Government to take necessary action.
Dr. S. L. Gopal, L.M.P., ex-President, Municipal Committee, Champa. Conversions through Christian Mission Hospital, leper home asylum and Christian primary school at Chanipa. Children whose mothers are dead or brought up for conversion. At Ghogranala reside p

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