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Abortion. [Serious horror story]

She was alone in her flat. She was in the 6th month of her pregnancy and she did not want this baby. She was just 25 years old. This baby was a liability. She made up her mind. Dr. Raghavan had given her an abortion pill. It is the latest on the market she was told. All she had to do was to eat it on empty stomach, it would start stomach cramps in few hours and then she would go through a miscarriage. 

"This would be risky so do it at my clinic" Dr. Raghavan had told her. She decided not to. The clinic was full of people she had known. She was embarrassed. She had learned from internet that she could have used this pill at home. 

She waited till 9pm. She had the pill. She put on the tv and tried to distract herself but she could not focus. It was around 11 pm and she had stomach cramps. She was all prepared. She spread her legs and endured the pain. She had delivered what resembled a baby except it was far too bloody than what she had expected. Her stomach and organized pained. Her bed was a mess. But she got up and cleaned herself. She had a garbage bin ready. She had already stuffed it with many other items. She threw the fetus in it. She threw up twice while doing it. 

She dressed up and despite being night time worse her glasses and entered the lift. It was to late but there would be people she knew. Enduring all the pain that she was going through she rushed into the parking lot put her the bag on the backseat and drove to fast. Soon she was on the highway. 

She reached the spot she had figured out weeks ago. A secluded municipality building that was now abandoned. She stopped her car got out, opened the door of the backseat and threw the garbage bin near the road. 

She entered the car and looked in the rear view mirror for one last time. She could see the bag. The bag however was surrounded by dogs. Something that she carried for  6 months in her stomach, something that could have been a full human being was now probably be food for these dogs. She had some guilt but she was prepared to face it. As she drove away she heard dogs bark and fight. 


She woke up in the morning hoping the previous night was just a dream. She felt her stomach. Baby bump was no more there. The pain however was reduced. She got up. Made herself some juice and opened the news paper. She thought she would go out somewhere to forget the pain and guilt. 

She got into the lift just like previous night went to the parking lot floor and reached near her car. There were couple of dogs moving around her car. She was surprised to see them. She reached near the door and and frightened to see that the garbage bin was still there on her backseat.