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He was born when one day Devi Parvati closed Lord Shiva’s eyes playfully .Darkness fell and Andhak was born.Lord Shiva gave Andhak to Hiranynetra who was killed soon.Andhak became king but was soon deposed by his brothers.He offered penance to Brahma who bestowed him with strength, beauty and eye-sight and gave him a boon that he will die only if he desires a mother figure like woman.

Since Andhak was now powerful he defeated his brothers and took away his throne .He also defeated the devas and started ruling on heaven.Once Andhak’s generals saw Parvati and told about her beauty to Andhak .Andhak wanted that woman oblivious to the fact that she was his mother.

Andhak challenged Shiva to fight with him as he wanted Parvati .A fierce battle ensued at the end of which Andhak was killed by Shiva.