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Brihdarith was king of Magadh but he had no children . He served a sage named Chandakaushika who gave him a fruit to give to his wife who will be pregnant soon .But Brihdarith had two wives so he cut the fruit in two pieces and gave them to his wives .Unfortunately both of them gave birth to two halves of a body .The king was horrified and threw them in the forest.A demoness named Jara picked the pieces together and he became a living child .The demoness then handed over the child to the king who was overjoyed.

He was named jarasandh and he became a powerful king of Magadh.He married his two daughters to King kansa but Krishna killed him .On seeing his daughters widowed Jarasandh attacked Mathura 17 times due to which Krishna had to shift his capital to Dwarka.He was killed by Bheem when Krishna gave him an idea to tear his body into two parts and throw them in opposite directions so that they don’t join again.