Sanskrit Tidbits (Sanskrit)

Bibek Debroy
Sanskrit was India's language for a long time ago. It is one of those few languages which are very old yet surviving in the older form. Prof. Bibek Debroy is a well known figure in the world of economics. He has been a Professsor at various top ranking institutions in the country. He is not so much known for his Sanskrit Scholarship however, he has undertaken the work to translate Mahabharata to english. We are reproducing some of his Sanskrit tidbits, which he is writing as a column on READ ON NEW WEBSITE


Sanskrit Tidbits-43:Exploring Sanskrit Bharati’s Sanskrit Wikipedia

Sanskrit Tidbits-41:Vedic Sanskrit and wisdom of Upanishadas

Sanskrit Tidbits-40:The brilliance of Sanskrit poet Magha

Sanskrit Tidbits-39:Kalidasa anecdotes

Sanskrit Tidbits-37:Valmiki’s Poetry

Sanskrit Tidbits-36:First Shloka of Valmiki Ramayana

Sanskrit Tidbits-35: Durga Saptashati famous hymn sung by Gods for Goddess Durga made easy

Sanskrit Tidbits-34:An introduction to Maarkandeya Purana

Sanskrit Tidbits-33:Shivaashtakam made easy

Sanskrit Tidbits-32:A shloka by Vivekananda in honour of Paramahansa

Sanskrit Tidbits-31:Spiritual aspect of Manusmriti

Sanskrit Tidbits-30:Manusmriti on crimes,punishments,penances and intercourse

Sanskrit Tidbits-29:More on different Varnas-Brahman,Shudra as per ManuSmriti

Sanskrit Tidbits-28:Manusmriti and Position of Women

Sanskrit Tidbits-27:18 Types of cases dealt by kings as per Manusmriti

Sanskrit Tidbits-26:Duties of a king as per Manusmriti

Sanskrit Tidbits-25:Strictures on different kinds of food as per Manusmriti

Sanskrit Tidbits-24:Brahmin and Sanatan Dharma as per Manusmriti

Sanskrit Tidbits-23:Different types of Marriages as per Manusmriti

Sanskrit Tidbits-22:An introduction to Manusmriti

Sanskrit Tidbits-21:How Sanskrit is a two-way flow

Sanskrit Tidbits-20:More about the sanskrit thesaurus Amarkosha

Sanskrit Tidbits-19:An introduction to Amarkosha,the Sanskrit Thesaurus

Sanskrit Tidbits-18:Jayadeva’s Geet Govind and erotic undertones in Radha-Krishna’s love

Sanskrit Tidbits-17:Exploring Jayadeva’s Geet Govind

Sanskrit Tidbits-16:Metres in Sanskrit,Fibonacci Series,Pascal’s Triangle and Binomial Theorem

Sanskrit Tidbits-15:Poetry,Kalidasa,Jaideva and Sanskrit

Sanskrit Tidbits-14: Deeper Nuances of Sanskrit Poetry

Sanskrit Tidbits-13:An introduction to Vedangas

Sanskrit Tidbits-11:Rules, Formulae and Aphorisms

Sanskrit Tidbits-10: Fun with riddles in Sanskrit

Sanskrit Tidbits-9:Sanskrit alphabets,phonemes and mathematics

Sanskrit Tidbits-8: Myth behind different names of Lotus in Sanskrit

Sanskrit Tidbits-7: Myth behind most commonly used words in hymns

Sanskrit Tidbits-6:How innovative is Sanskrit!

Sanskrit Tidbits-5: The Importance of Pronounciation in Sanskrit

Sanskrit Tidbits-4:Can you detect anything wrong in this picture?

Sanskrit Tidbits-3

Sanskrit Tidbits-2

Sanskrit Tidbits-1


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