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Sixth proof

In the meanwhile the post mortem procedure is completed. There is a sign of an injury on the right side of her neck. This is probably the result of a fall. Apart from that they also come to know that this woman has never had any babies. In her lungs there are traces of smoke which indicate that she was alive when she was put on fire. There is petrol below her body which shows that petrol was used to put her on fire. Investigators also revealed that she had taken 50-70 sleeping pills and they had properly been digested by the time she was killed. Reason of death is carbon monoxide poisoning and sleeping pills consumption.

Police declare her death as suicide. But people refuse to believe that. In February 1971 the cased closed and the woman is buried. Police still hopes that one day someone would identify the woman. That is why they have used a zinc coffin for burial. This case was used in many books since then but the killer was never found.