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Third proof

Police finds two suitcases at Bergen railway station. In one of the suitcase there is a spectacle which has the woman’s fingerprints on it. There were other objects also in the suitcase like



Norwegian and Swedish currency

Comb and hair brush

Some tea spoons

Eczema cream tube

Police felt that they would gather some valuable information from the suitcase but nothing happens. Unfortunately all the labels from the objects have been removed earlier itself. Police contacts all store owners but do not get any information. There is a mysterious code in the bag which the police are unable to comprehend. There is a bag of a popular shoe store in the bag which the police get in touch with. On asking they tell that a very beautiful woman had purchased shoes from them. She was very stylish and smelled of garlic. The police come to know that a woman with the name Fenella Lurch and same description stayed in Hotel Swenith nearby. However the problem is that the name is fake.