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Rising Star -A Story of A CITY GIRL












Writer Intro: Hallow & Greeting’s Readers! myself Prashant Vyawhare, I am from Pune and this is my first story, I devote this to my family & friends who always support me. So, please enjoy the story.



The story contains a couple & their surrounded peoples of a “Maya Nagri Mumbai”, and one day due to uneven circumstances their life turns to something which they never expected in their life,



The day Rahul & Mohini Met, they were on the top of their affection & love a couple can feel for each other, Maharashtrian boy Rahul is a young working professional who works in an MNC Staying in Mumbai with his bachelor friend Nandu & Habib, Nandu is a Proud Haryanvi who works in a bar as a Bouncer & Habib is a Dabang Bihari boy works as a recovery agent in bank. All trio are friends from last few years and they have a very good bond of friendship. They always dreaming to become one of the milliners in Mumbai. And about Mohini, she was a Glamour Girl same to Mumbai who is working in a local advertisement agency as a model, and her dream is to be an actor.



(One Day in “Das Coffee shop” one of regular meeting of Rahul & Mohini)

Rahul: Hi dear waiting a long for you

Mohini: Yes, its needed don’t you know the old saying Patience comes with the sweatiest fruits.

Rahul: Yes, hope I will get something sweat then.

Mohini: oh you! Ek “Rasgulla” manga lo mere taraf se aur to kuch sochna bhe mat.   

Rahul: Are yaar kab tak Yu he Meetha Khata rahunga Aise to muzhe diabetes ho jayaga.

Mohini: Wo to tujhe waise bhe ho jayage, you speaks so sweat with all.

Rahul: Ok lets have a cup of coffee, rest we will talk about a day.

Mohini: aur tumhare wo dost kaise hai Nandu & Habid, aur hamare Gagubai kaise hai, Dal me pani kya ab bhe jyada hota hai.


Rahul: unka kya hai, ALL IS WELL, ek ko club me muttergasti se fursat nahe aur dusra Safedpoosh gunda banake firta hai. Aur hamare Gangubai bhale he Dal me pani jyada dete hai but usme muzhe mere maa ko milne jaise Khushi hote hai. Both laugh simultaneously

After some sips of coffee Mohini’s Phone Rings: “Trine Tring”

Mohini:(On Phone) Ha sureshji Good evening, Kahiye

Sureshji: (On Phone) Mohini aaj ek event party hai ek bada director aane wala hai, would you like to join so hum tumhare liye movie role ke bat kar lenge.

Mohini: Je Sureshji it’s a good idea, let me confirm you in some time

Sureshji: Ok dear just tell Jaldi in 10-15 minutes, because I have to arrange some other things.

Mohini: Je sureshji OK, text you soon, bye

Rahul just after phone

Rahul: Hey are you living me, who is this sureshji

Mohini: Yes he is our new Manager, he have a big connections in Films, he asks my interest in acting.

Rahul: Great girl I always love to see you on shining silver screen, hope u don’t forget me.

Mohini: No how dare you to talk about forgetting, you know I have special feelings for u, but just I am not ready for any further commitments once I will achieve my dream I will be ready then.

Rahul: Dear don’t worry you get your dream one day and then we will build our dream house after that.

Mohini: That’s why I like you so much Rahul, you are so understanding & caring to me.

Rahul: Same hear, ok lets finish the coffee I will drop you to station.

Mohini: yes let me Text Sureshji for party attendance then we will leave.

(Mohini Texts sureshji, then duo leave coffee shop and Rahul drop Mohini to station and ride to his flat)




RAHUL: unlock the flat door and enters, he found as usual the ladies clothes scattered in hall, and some sound from the room of Nandu. For confirm his attendance, Nandlala hum aa gaya hai suddenly the sound slower’s and Nandu come out from his room on a inner on his body, frisked hairs & red marks on chest, he collects all those girls cloth scattered in hall he went back to his room and closed the door. 

By the time rahul goes to his room, freshen up and come out in the hall. 

He saws as usual a random girl sitting on a couch near Nandu having 3 cups of coffee putted on Table

Nandu: Oye Rahul yaar aa gaya tu le Coffee pe le tere bhabi na banaye hai.

Rahul: Mumbled himself, roj roj nayi bhabi, Khud ko Krishna avtar banayega ye ek din

Rahul: Namaste Bhabi Ji, thanks for the Coffee

Random Girl: Oye Nandu to majak to mat kar yar, mujhe sab pata hai tere bare me, I always come to the club but you know I am a want to caught you today.

Nandu: by Shaming on himself, Oye baby aisa kuch bhe nahi hai yr, logo ne afwahe faila rakhe hai mere bare me, I am not that type.

Random Girl: Cutting him in the middie: Rehn de abhi ab tub he khush mai bhe khush, never meet me again, Bye (Girl put the coffee mug with bang on table and leave our room.

Nandu: Oye soniya, oye baby ruk ja maaf karde, galti ho gaye, oye ruuk, run behind the girl, but the girl went out and close the door with bang.

Nandu: Oye yaar ye kudiyan ve na, Tu yaar Rahul galat time pe aa gaya nahi to is ladki ko mai permanent kar leta.

Rahul: Galti tere hai BC permanent, oye dekha hai apni our tuzhme na skills no koi dhang ka profession, tu kaise permanent settle hoga yar, Ek bouncer tabhi settle ho payega jab to kise asli naukri me jayaga, agar Government bar band ka notice neekala, to tujhe security ke naukri bhe melena mushkil hai.

Nandu: tu he bata yaar kya karu, Muzhme builder’s body aur shakla to hai yar par baki ke kami hai.

Rahul: Thik hai yaar kuch milke sochte hai ke tuzhe settle kaise karna hai.

Habib: Habib come into room, see towards both them, Are yaaro kisko settle karna hai ya, bhai ke to yahi kaam hai, settlement aur wasuli, jara hame bhe to batao kisko settle karna hai.


Rahul: Yaar apne Nandu ko dekh aaj ek ladki usko suna ke chale gaye, aur kahe ke ye khud permanent nahi hai, kudi kya khak permanent kar payage.

Habib: Looking at Nandu, are yaar Nandu kyu to kudiyon ke peecha pada rahta hai, jara tere kaam pe dhyan de, Bar manager Manoj Bhai ko khush kar, wo tujhe jarur kahi lagwa dega, uske bade bade connections hai,

Nandu: are yaar kya khak connection hai muzhe puch are baar ke ek kudi ko nahi chodi hai yaar usne, aise he zhuthe jaal bunker kudiyon ko phansta hai, our bada logo ke khushamad karta hai, khushamado ke bhe kabhi ijjat hote hai kabhi, bade log bas maja lete hai aur bhul jate hai. I know him better than you.


Rahul: cutting the conversation in between, are yaar ruko ab bahas band karo, aur chalo 9 bajne ko hai, apne khas  “MAI” che “MESS” band ho jayage, chalo chalte hai.


Trio go for the dinner at their favorite Mess run by a local old lady Gangubai aka Mai


Rahul: at the 2 PM in night rahul’s Phone Rings” Tring Tring” Hello dear how r u

Mohini: (with strange crying voice) Rahul, please forgive me I am finished, that dam Suresh…. starts crying

Rahul yelling on phone, Mohini Where are you, he checks the tracking of Family Locator app in his phone suddenly and he found Mohini located near a Funland Club Resort, he asks Mohini again outside of funland club resort. Don’t worry I am coming soon.


Rahul: he shakes Nandu & Habib sleeping in the hall, Meri friend ke sath kuch unhappening hua hai, please lets go, both get up suddenly and trio rush and went to Funland resort by Habib’s car.


RAHUL: he found Mohini in sitting on the footpath out of the resort, she looks scattered, crying & unconscious., Mohini, what happen, please wake up, he throws the water on her face, which he tooks from the car, Mohini, wake up, don’t cry, I am hear now. Please be awake.


Mohini: crying and saying that dam Suresh & Balwant…spoiled me, and she fell unconscious.


Rahul: he hold her in his hands, put her in cars back seat, and shouted are Habib gaddi dauda hospital le chal jaldi. Habib and Nandu who were in shock after seeing all these, but they quickly rush to nearest hospital, done the formalities in hurry & inform the police,


RAHUL:  Doctor meri Mohini kaise hai.

Doctor: Hold yourself, she is out of danger, but re you relative of her.

Rahul: No doctor we are her friends, and then he told all to doctor.


Doctor: Guys I don’t know whether to say it to you or not, but she is drugged and physically abused badly, but situation is out of danger.

Rahul: Thank you doctor, but can we meet her.


Doctor: Nobody can meet her till the police will arrive.


Rahul: ok sir but please ensure to take care of her, don’t worry about expenses we are hear.


Doctor: ok gentleman don’t worry, I am hear, and everything will be ok god bless her.


After a while, Mohini become conscious doctor calls police for the FIR formalities, police interviewed Mohini and took her statement filed a fir documents, and went back.


Doctor: Yes gentleman you can meet her, but just don’t talk much with her it will be not good for her health.


Rahul: yes doctor sir thank you. Rahul rushed to Mohini’s Room.


Mohini: Crying… Rahul my dear I am totally lost, oh Forgive me GOD,


RAHUL: Mohini Don’t worry everything will be ok, you just stop thinking about past happening, I am with you always till the life ends.

Mohini: I statement police about Sureshji & the Director Shah of the
“Shining Star Movie” police was saying that we will do the immediate action, Police will never come under any celebrity of Rich peoples pressure, just be ready for the court appearance and don’t afraid.


RAHUL: yes don’t be afraid we all are with you .

Nandu & Habib: yes sister don’t worry we are all with you, just take care of yourself.


Mohini: thanks to you all for coming to save me in that moment, I thought I was alone after the miss-happening, but thanks to god and you for helping me in the situation. Thank u. Mohini was supposed to cry but Rahul hold her hand and told her to stop crying and hold herself.


After some time, Rahul, Nandu and Habib was sitting outside the hospital room of Mohini, by the time they arranged some food for Mohini, including coconut water and her favorite Pastry.


Rahul: guys thanks for your support for coming with me in this situation, I was deeply worried for my Mohini,

Nandu: abe dost he dost ke kaam nahe aayeg to itne lambi dosti kya kya matlab hai kyo Habib.

Habib: ha yaar Rahul, to hamara liya Nandu ke liya aur Mohini ke liye bohot sochta hai, to hum kyu nahe tere liya kaam aa sakte, waise bhe kehte hai Khoon ke riston se bada dosti ka rishta hai

Rahul: Hugs calmly to both friends, started crying and mumbles ye to 101 guna sahi kaha yaaro thanks for coming in our need.


Nandu and Habib both hold him and talks so he come us from the situation, after a while Rahul get settle his emotions, and then trio friends settled on the benches outside hospital room.


Rahul: sitting near the Mohini in her hospital room, are you good my dear, just wake up for a while its time for your medicines.


Nurse: suddenly a nurse come inside the room with some medicines, and tells Rahul, bhaiya jara inko jaga do, kuch khilane ke baad ye medicines dena hai, so jaldi karo


Rahul: Jee thik hai.


Nurse: Bahoot himmatwali hai ye ladki, aur aap jaise doston ke wajah se jaldi theek ho jayage, waise hum log to hai he bus aap isko acche se khana our time per medicine de dena ok, Aur hum Jesus se iske waste pray bhe karega.


Rahul: Sister, thank you very much for your care & prayers.


Nurse: God bless you my son (And she wents our)


After a while Gangubai comes inside the room and looks after mohini

Gangubai: aga poore kase aahe tu, Mere ko Habib ne subah sub kuch bataye, mera beta police me constable hai, maini usko bataya, to wo bol raha tha ke aaj he police ne kise suresh aur wo bada director balwant shah ko pakda hai, aur hawalat me liya hai, tu jaise he theek hogi tujhe adalat bulayange to tu unko mat bakshna Juj sahib ko sab kuch bata dena, kabhi accha nahi hoga un do Kutton ka tu chinta nahi karna ye Gangubai aur uska parivar tere sath hai.

Gangubai: Le thoda kha le tere liya khana laye ho aur rahul beta tub he kuch kha le, thik hai, to ab mai chalet hu dono apne khayal rakhna thik hai. Ane Chinta nahe karna beta jaldi thik ho jayege tu Mai Ganpati Bappa ko Navas Bole hai tere liya.


After some time Gangubai went and both again started looking each other, the first time Mohini have such a happy feeling that she have so many peoples to take care, just like her father and mother, kaash ke aaj wo yaha hote, to mai unhe bhe bata sakte ke mere fikar unke he tarah yaha kitne log kar rahe hai.


Mother & Father of Mohini: rushed into the room of Mohini, Mother started crying mere bati ye kya ho gaya, tu kaise hai, Father, Beta kaise hai mere beti, mere sonu.


Rahul: after this sudden arrival he stand aside & made space for her father & mother near Mohini.

Mohini: crying a bit but then she holds herself, Mammi Papa abhi mai thik hoo, aap chinta na karo, aap ke beti abhi itne kamjor nah ke julmo se toot jaye, khaskar jab mere saath jab AAP LOG aur Rahul, Nandu, Habib aur Gaggubai ke rup me ek Maa hai, aap chinta mat karo, jo hua use hum kuch nahe kar sakte, but hum kanunan ladange taki un darindo ko saja ho. Maini apne aap ko sambhal liya hai, aap bhe sambhal jai aur chinta na karo.

After a some while Mohini’s father and mother took the charge of care of Mohini, and all peoples took care of Mohini simultaneously so she can become fit to appear in court

Before the final judgement the Rahul & his friends meet the local media peoples, NGO’S & lawyer organization to help them to stand the case, the suspects both Suresh & director Shah used their Money & muscle power to handle the case but with the support of Family & Friends Mohini fight back.

And the final judgement come a big quarrel by both lawyers made, many tricks are played by the defense lawyer but the truth stoods still with the help of CCTV recordings & some spot viewers stood still with Mohini and given the true testimony before court. 

Judge: Miss Mohini aap ne hamare judiciary system per bharosa rakha aur apne is situation me aapne apne aap ko sambhala aur is court ko aap ko insaaf dete hue bahoot Khushi ho rahe hai, Huh Judge logo bhe aap jaise he aam aadmi hote hai, hame pata hota hai ke kaun saccha hai aur kaun jhoota hai, magar hum court procedures ke mutabik he chalna padta hai, mai shukar gujar hoo aap ke jaise needer Mahelaon ka aur unke saath khade login ka jo hame insaaf dene me madad karte hai.

Judge: to Suresh & Director Shah, Gunahagar kitna bhe bada kyu na ho magar kanoon ka samne wo sirf gunahagar hota hai, mujhe aap ke logon se jo dhamkiya mele us ke wajah se mai samajh gaya tha ke aap log he Kasur war hai, mai to us mauke ke talash kar raha tha ke mujhe aap ke saja kanunan tarakese dene ke liya mauka mele, aur wo mauka mujhe aaj meel gaya hai.

Judge: to sabhi gawahon aur suboton ko madden azar rakhte hue ye adalat muljim suresh aur Balwant Shah inhe ta umra Jail Kaid ke saja sunate hai. Aur mai Kanun ke mulajim ke nata Media, Desh ke Janta ke madhyam se Sarkar se ye apeel karunga ke aise Jurmo ke liya sakht se sakht kanun banaye jaye taki aise apradh roke ja sake

All press & viewers in court presented viewers made applause for Judge, and Mohini, Including Mohini Rahul, and all other started crying for happiness,

their battle was not yet over, but they were happy that they get the Justice.



After some year’s


one day in a “Dass coffee shop”


Rahul: Aur kya haal hai mere Blockbuster Movie “Veerta” ke Star ke 100 crore ka par Jhanda Lahariya Hai aap ke movie ne now you are “STAR”


Mohini: nahi yar I am not just a Star” I am a “RISING STAR” both laughs & hold hands together with the happiness in their inside and dreaming the glorious future.








Writer:Prashant Vyawhare, Pune


Request: Please e-mail me your views about the story on above e-mail.

Rising Star - A Story of A City Girl

Rising Star -A Story of A CITY GIRL