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Achieving Goals

As we progress through our lives, we keep setting goals that we wish to achieve. Goal setting not only gives us a long term vision but achieving goals provides us with motivational boost to set even higher standards for ourselves. However, the irony is that some goals we accomplish while others we don’t.

How come the same person setting two different goals, get two different outcome?

The simple answer to that question is to remember “what state of mind” were you in, under both the situation that gave you opposite outcomes. Some thought provoking questions to get you pondering:

1.     How was your physiology and psychology, when you achieved and when you failed?

2.     What sort of language, you keep saying inside your head when you achieved and when you failed?

3.     How focused were you when you achieved and when you failed?

Think about it!

Now, imagine, if you have a model which can help you lay down the steps in achieving any goal, will that be useful? I kid you not, I did create this simple model during the most challenging times of my life and it has worked wonders for me so far in achieving my goals. Take a look at the 3 powerful step:

SKILL SET: This is the first step for achieving any goal. The idea is to “gain immense KNOWLEDGE” about the skills you need to build & sharpen. This could be done through reading, listening, watching, networking and attending seminars or workshops. You can also build skills for your target goal, as you closely monitor & “revisit proven strategies”. Why reinvent the wheel when you can easily replicate the skills of champions who had similar goals. Last but not the least, “hire a Coach”. Someone who is going to push your boundaries and have strong faith in your capability to achieve your goals.

PRACTICE SET: Building skills will not give you results unless you put them in practice. Knowledge is only latent power, APPLICATION is the KEY. Hence, once you built the skills, seek a practice ground, where you get to experience your abilities and get chance to “beat your personal best”. Rights sort of environment with challenging competition will help you grow and excel. It also will provide you an opportunity to unlearn what’s not working & relearn what will work.

MIND SET: I have to admit that SKILL SET & PRACTICE SET together make up only 20% of the success in achieving your goal, which makes the worth of MIND SET to be 80%. When you want to achieve that dream goal of yours, you are bound to feel confused as you will be getting information from so many different resources. As Clay Shirky rightly puts it “Its not information overload. Its filter failure”. It’s natural to feel confused but if you’re FOCUS is to seek clarity amidst confusion, then you are a winner. Lastly, your ability to carry a never-say-die attitude, no matter how great the odds are against you.

Simple Concepts for Complex Life

Anish Baheti
Achieving Goals
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