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Islam Poses an Existential Threat

The phrase “Islamic terrorism” is actually one word too long since almost all modern-day terrorism is Islamic and the adjective is entirely superfluous. Why Islam specializes in this form of warfare is not hard to understand — because violence and aggression is ultimately the only weapon left to those who don’t have any other means of engaging with others. This engagement has become so tiresomely commonplace that we have come to accept it as a normal feature of modern life. It is hard to imagine but there was a time when you didn’t have to surrender your bottle of water or take off your shoes before boarding a flight. Now you have to surrender not just liquids but also your dignity under the intrusion of full-body scanners as we go about such mundane and innocuous activities as taking a flight.

I am afraid that things are going to get much worse before they get any better. Just the other day, only a day before the Charlie Hebdo massacre, a friend and I were wondering when will the world fully recognize what Islam is about. No, Islamic terrorism is not a threat. That horse has bolted. A threat is something that is threatened but has not yet materialized. Islam is terrorizing, not threatening to terrorize. If that was not bad enough, the movers and shakers — the so-called leaders of the so-called free world — are getting away with not facing this reality. One simple reason is that they themselves are well-protected and are unlikely to suffer the fate that ordinary folks — like the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo — face. Anyone who stands up to Islam’s aggression is likely to be mowed down by its Kalashnikov-wielding faithful.

MWSnap140 “It might sound a bit pompous to say so but I’d rather die standing up than live on my knees.” That’s what Stéphane Charbonnier of Charlie Hebdo had said on record at an interview in 2012. He died standing in front of his cold-blooded Islamic murderers. He paid with his life for his principles. The leaders don’t appear to have much by way of principles and therefore I suppose they will not have to pay any price, however little. They get to free-ride on the blood of the courageous few who have the spine to stand up to Islamic bullying.

Unfortunately the leaders of the non-Islamic world appear to be in agreement with the leaders of the Islamic world that non-Muslims must live on their knees in front of their Islamic overlords. This attitude is regrettably across the board: from the leaders of powerful nations like the US, Germany, UK, France, etc., to the leaders of poor nations like Pakistan, India, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc.

What will it take to wake up those people? It appears to me that Islam is safe from any serious criticism — leave alone military confrontation — as long as it confines its killing to a few dozens in the Western world, and a few tens of thousands in the rest of the world. Perhaps the day is not far when the terrorists, emboldened by their successes and encouraged by their Leftist apologists, will up the ante and go for murdering a few hundred thousand in a Western country. A dirty bomb would fit the bill quite nicely. Perhaps that will wake up the world and perhaps then will it get serious about wiping that ideology off the face of the earth. I suppose only when Westerners die by the hundreds of thousands will the people revolt against their leaders and only then will the civilized world destroy that evil ideology just like it did to Nazism.

The people of the world — non-Muslims and Muslims alike — have suffered for centuries from Islam. I think enough is enough. It is time to stop that suffering.

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