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Arun Shourie Articles

Arun Shourie
Why the Hon'able Court Must Hear Us
Hideaway Communalism
Not an Abberation, But the Theme
Things to do about the Press
"Arey Bhai, Masjid Hai Hi Kahaan...?"
Ayodhya: Muslim Argument Examined
Myths about the Swami - Part I
Myths About the Swami - Part II (Quotable Quotes)
Hazratbal Mosque Crisis: How and Why it Happened?
Premises and their Inevitable Consequences
The Wages of Calumny
'But We Have no Right?'
Secular Hypocrisy, Double Standard, and Regressions
"Muslims...were looking to Pakistan for help..."
Spiritual Renewal the Hindu Way - I The Indian Way of Seeking The Almighty
Spiritual Renewal the Hindu Way - II The Buddha's Garment
Spiritual Renewal the Hindu Way - III Signs of Renewal
The Hindutva Judgements: The Distance That Remains
Toppling the BJP Government on the 31st
No Point Saying, "But Those Days are Long Gone"
With Friends Like These, Having Enemies is Better
One Who has in fact Wrought a Revolution
Fascism will be Inevitable if Aggression is Called Resurgence
Fashion-Setters and Their Well-Honed Technology
Contrivances Replace Contrivances With Contrivances With Contrivances
Their Sacrifices: A Chapter from Tomorrow's Textbooks
Curiosity? Myopia? Servility?
Observers and Their Unalloyed Drivel
The Pakistani Bomb is, and has been, a Joint Venture
Third Demension to the N-threat We Face
The Tantrums Which Will Follow Explosions
Fabrications On The Way To The Funeral
ICHR's The Eminent Entrepreneurs!
Earplugs To Shut Out Their Loudspeakers!
To Paradise - Via the Jehad in Kashmir!
Devices to Further the Circular
A Happy Result, And Something To Look Forward To
The Litmus Test of Whether Your History is Secular
After Selling Himself in the Flesh Market
Cut, Paste and Preserve Their Calumny
On Dealing With Contradictory Signals
On Treasuring a Moment
The Comfort of Conspiracies
A State Unimagined in Law: A Wrong Without a Remedy
Body-Counts Have Become Big, Compelling Business
So Many Obvious Things To Do Way To Do Them
Some Good Even From This Crisis
Congress Culture
What a Precedent to Cite!
As Soldiers Put Their Lives on the Line
Kargil: Who and What is Responsible?
What Propels Them? What Blinds Them?
Not Just an Islamic, But a Psychological State
Every Disaster, a Photo-Opportunity
The Jihadi Mentality: Its Recoil and Danger
The Lunatic Mainstream Vs a Slender Fringe
Two Questions Recent Crises Throw at us
Annexation Through Technicalities
To the Bitter End
Pocket Edition
The Realities of Pakistan
An Extreme Case is not an Exception
The Pope Dispels All Doubts!
POTO: Interception, Confession, Confessions, Torture (Part I of II)
POTO: Approve Swiftly, and then Toughen it (Part II of II)
Combating Terrorism
'A State That's Patronising Terrorists Should Wake up to the Consequences; in any Case its Immediate Neighbours Must'
The Judgement Vs the Interim Order
Did the Court Ask, What is Mohd Aslam's Locus Standi?
Political Will Hunting
Where the Buck Really Stops
The Manu of Our Times?
The Futility of Dialogue with Babari Committee
Calamities Come and Go, But Decision to Stay Remains
"But how can we disobey the command of our Lord?"
Objective Whitewash for Objective History (PART I of II) !
Not Just Macaulay's Offspring
The Media in Crises
The "Roman Brahmin"
To Undo the Scandal, Undo the Control
Weak to the Strong, Strong to the Weak
Vital Distinctions
Who Killed Australian Missionary Graham Staines?
Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons
If You Let Facts Interfere You Lack Party Spirit