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Of other Minor Distinctions in Congress

Each of the foregoing nine forms of congress is subdivided into nine other classes, which will now be noticed.

There are three forms of Vissrishti, or the emission of Kama-salila, both in men and women., viewed with respect to length or shortness of time:

1. Chirasambhava-vissrishti is that which occupies a great length of time.

2. Madhyasambhava-vissrishti is that which is accomplished within a moderate period.

3. Shighrasambhava-vissrishti is that which takes a short time to finish.

Again, there are three degrees of Vega, that is to say, force of carnal desire, resulting from mental or vital energy and acting upon men and women. In order to make this clear, a comparison may be instituted. Hunger, for instance, is felt by all human beings, but it affects them differently. Some must satisfy it at once, without which they are ready to lose their senses; others can endure it for a moderate extent, whilst others suffer from it but little. The Vegas, or capacities of enjoyment, are:

1. Chanda-vega, furious appetite or impulse; the highest capacity.

2. Madhyama-vega, or moderate desires.

3. Manda-vega, slow or cold concupiscence; the lowest capacity.

The woman who possesses Chanda-vega, may be known by her ever seeking carnal enjoyment; she must enjoy it frequently and she will not be satisfied with a single orgasm. If deprived of it, she will appear like one out of her senses. The reverse is she who has Manda-vega, and who seems to find in it so little enjoyment that she always denies herself to her husband. And the owner of Madhyama-vega is the most fortunate, as she is free from either excess.

Again, there are three Kriyas, acts or processes which bring on the orgasm in men and women; these are:

1. Chirodaya-kriya, is applied to the efforts which continue long before they bear any result.

2. Madhyodaya-kriya, those which act in. a moderate time.

3. Laghudaya-kriya, the shortest.

Thus we may observe there are nine several forms of congress, according to the length and depth of the organs. There are also nine, determined by the longer or shorter period required to induce the orgasm and there are nine which arise from the Kriyas or processes which lead to the conclusion. Altogether we have twenty-seven kinds of congress, which, by multiplying the nine species and the three periods, give a grand total of two hundred and forty-three (9 X 9 = 81 X 3 = 243).


1 These divisions again appear to represent the nervous, bilious and sanguine temperament. Some MSS. divide men only by the three Linga-lengths of 6, 9 and 12 finger breadths; the latter (12 widths) would be of African or Negro dimensions.

2 A fair anticipation of the spermatozoa: see terminal note of Chap. IV.